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Opt for this Excel Sports 2-pack of Challenge tires for additional savings and simplicity when you need more than a solo tire. This 2-pack includes two Strada Pro Series TLR Tires in retail packaging. These 2-packs come in available tire size options to suit your needs.

The updated Strada Pro Series TLR tires from Challenge are handmade, and feature the super supple Open Tubular (clincher) 260 tpi Super Poly casing. The Strada is a true road tire that shines in the 27mm & 30mm sizes, and rides fast and sure in the lower volume 25mm option.

In the past a capable yet protective tire used to be synonymous with a stiff, dead ride. Challenge refers to the handmade nature of the TLR clincher Strada Bianca as an "Open Tubular". Yes, this make it a little confusing, but what they really mean is the 260 tpi handmade casing it built to be more supple - closer to the feel of a tubular. This gives the Strada Pro TLR an ability to roll over occasional rough surfaces and pavement with smooth, comfortable and fast ride that keeps the tire on the ground, which as well all know reduces rolling resistance and delivers excellent control. Fast and capable in wet or dry conditions and just as lively on hardpacked dirt as it is on pavement, the Strada Pro TLR allows you to truly take advantage of the lower pressure ranges afforded by tubeless use with sealant. Challenge highly recommends their SMART sealant, but any non-ammonia latex-type sealant is safe and effective.

The PPS2 protection belt helps to prevent punctures, matching the supple nature of the casing. The alternating medium file road tread will keep you rolling fast when the dirt sections end and the pavement begins while keeping hold on dusty cobbles or rainy pavement corners.

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  • Supple, fast rolling, open tubular clincher/TLR tire with perfect tread option for modern road/endurance pavement riding where a dirt road transition might be required or grip and feel are required
  • PPS2 puncture protection belt is highly effective, yet lightweight and supple to match the casing properties
  • Textured tread, high volume road tire for pavement, with excellent wet and dry grip/feel
  • TLR: can be run tubeless or tubed on appropriately ETRTO sized rims
  • Casing: 260 tpi handmade Super Poly
  • Aramid bead i strong and durable, holding seal and edge at lower pressures
  • Alternating medium file tread design for grip and traction on uneven dusty surfaces and wet pavement
  • Sizes / Actual Weight / Pressure range:
    • 700x25 / 255g / 80-110psi
    • 700x27 / 277g / 65-95psi>/li>
    • 700x30 / 289g / 50-75
  • Color: Black/Tan, Black
  • Sold as a 2-pack, 2 tires of the same size
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