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Gravel Tires - Cyclocross Tubeless

Donnelly MXP Tubeless Cyclocross Tire

Donnelly tires were formerly branded as Clement Tires, but a name change was required. The tires are exactly the same, and once all Clement labelled tires are sold through, the same models will be listed under the Donnelly brand.

Once upon a time an Italian tire company named Clement developed a tread pattern for the diverse requirements of cyclocross. Back then, a cross racer was a rare breed, and tire options were few. The doi-it-all tread pattern was named Grifo, and it has influenced and informed every cyclocross tire pattern made since. The Milan World Cup cyclocross venue generally requires a tire of incredible versatility because flat out speed, sure-footed hard and loosepack traction, sand and soft or muddy sections that can be daily weather dependent. The current MXP tire design from Donnelly features a modernized Grifo tread, and now with a standout tubeless tire construction, non-tubular riders can maximize the wonderful all-around capability of the MXP, via the Donnelly MXP Tubeless Cyclocross Tire.

At 700x33, the MXP Tubeless meets the base standard set by the UCI for tire width for cyclocross tires in sanctioned events. Which is great, but many US crossers need not be concerned until they hit cross nats. But the substantial and durable design can be used for cross, gravel, or even adventure riding. The tire rolls fast, with a 3 tight/ 3 spaced repeating chevron pattern of low profile knobs down the center. The angled, paired knobs feature cuts so they can flex and offer grip on hard, uneven surfaces. The staggered angled side knobs are now stouter, taller, and shaped for edge effectiveness which prevents them from buckling under hard side loads. This combination delivers exceptional bite and grip, both on loose hardpack and grass, as well as icy mud. The side knobs mean the MXP is capable mud tire so long as the depth and conditions aren't too extreme. You will get initial traction in that peanut buttery gunk, but it won't clear the more tightly spaced knobs until you extricate and can roll on a hard surface.

If you are entering UCI races, you need to know the standard used based on your weight and your equipment and take the time to measure out, but in most US events short of nationals it won't be a concern. Mounted on a 29"NoTu bes Crest EX with a 21mm internal width rim, at 45psi the MXPTubeless measured out at 34.8mm. On a HED Ardennes FR rim with a 17.8mm internal width, also at 45psi, the micrometer said 33.9mm. Granted, all specs can vary with manufacturing variance, use, etc., you just need to take the time to check your actual rim and tire. That variation goes for weight as well. Clement knows there is production variation, just as everyone who has ever weighed their tires is aware. A +/- 8% variance may seem like a substantial amount, but is pretty much standard across the industry. The listed weight for the 700c is 380 grams, and the actual tire tested was 392.

For this tubeless version the reinforced, yet supple sidewall that can handle lower pressures without fear of destruction, and best of all- no pinch flats from tubes. Donnelly rates the MXP Tubeless for a 35-60 psi range, and while we doubt anyone will push the upper range, we know many will fully explore lower numbers. Just so you know what the rated range is, we'll repeat, 35-60. The tread rubber itself is a Shore 70A durometer, which is firm enough to inherently offer low rolling resistance, but durable enough to wear better on hard or rough surfaces. The beefy nature of the tread knobs mean they will hold up well through regular use, relying on incuts and vectors for traction. You don't want to do a lot of road training, but if you use gravel surface roads or trails to connect training zones, the MXP will not only give you speed, but will hold up to regular use.

There are many cross venues in the US that feature hard, fast courses with just enough technical terrain to prevent a rider from choosing the fastest of tires. And even the coastal courses of New England and the Pacific Northwest can be pretty dry in the early Fall season. Once the mud runs thick and deep, the MXP might not be your tire of choice, but in just about any other situation, it can be run front and rear. As things soften up, many riders will even opt for a PDX or BOS up front, and an MXP for the rear, as a way to get the best of all worlds. That is the beauty of tubeless for many cyclists. It is easy to change out as conditions change, and ammonia-free sealants prevent the small punctures that can slowly, but surely prematurely end your race. The sidewalls can handle the low pressures you require and the large footprint of the contact patch of low pressure tubeless use afford you most of the advantage tubular riders have enjoyed, especially in slick conditions or off camber corners on the grass.

If you are building a quiver of tubeless cross tires for the season, you start with the Donnelly MXP Tubeless, and likely add a BOS or PDX for mud, and an LAS for the fast, dry courses. Three to four tires can easily get you through a full season and leave you plenty to train on next year. Ok, maybe you'll need two or three MXP's alone, as this it the tire you will turn to time and time again as you approach Saturday's event.


  • Tubeless ready, all-around most versatile cyclocross tread tire for racing or training
  • Now available in 650b rim size option
  • Modernized Grifo tread pattern from the company that developed it
  • Tubeless casing is reinforced for wear, features an Aramid bead
  • Rubber is Shore 70A, which has long wear, offers stiffer knobs, grip from tread pattern
  • Can be run tubeless or with tube
  • PSI range: 35-60 psi
  • Recommend current sealants like Stan's NoTubes, that are ammonia-free
  • Sizes: 700x33mm, 650bx33mm
  • Color: Black
  • Listed Weight: 700- 380g, 650b- 430g (+/- 8%)