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Gravel Tires - Cyclocross Tubular

Donnelly tires were formerly branded as Clement Tires, but a name change was required. The tires are exactly the same, and once all Clement labelled tires are sold through, the same models will be listed only under the Donnelly brand.

So, your cyclocross season generally mud, mud, and more mud. Sure, there is sand, some pavement and rocky, rooty jumble on the course as well, but powering through the mud is crucial to any chance of a strong finish, let alone a finish at all. The Donnelly PDX design has been hailed by tubular riding cross racers for their success in the muck of the Pacific Northwest once the rain begins to really fall, and has been applied all over the country in such conditions. At the same time the lower profile knobs make the PDX more all around capable than some mud tires, adding versatility and speed you normally wouldn't expect.

The PDX Tubular features a narrow, aggressive and wide open tread spacing with a near constant center pattern which has proven itself in the mudholes of cyclocross lore. The tubeless construction means the entire tire is sealed and supple with a sidewall that can handle lower pressures without fear of destruction. Donnelly rates the PDX Tubular (which does not have a traditional tube casing) for a 65 max psi range, and while we doubt anyone will push the upper range, we know many will fully explore the lowest possibilities. The tread rubber is firm enough to reduce rolling resistance, but soft enough to flex and give, as a lower pressure system needs to. The knobs carve into the surface and pull through, delivering the traction and power you need but without retaining the thick, mud that packs in and reduces capability. When a tire penetrates and rips through the muck the way the PDX does, you will fully appreciate the results. Just keep in mind that narrower knobs are less stiff and a great mud tire rarely reacts well on hardpack, especially in corners. The design can and will hold in loose ice and snow, with decent grass traction until it fully packs down, adding to overall versatility.

The 700x33mm size meets base UCI regulations for a 150lb rider, but keep in mind that rim width can lead to a drastic difference in measured size. If you are entering UCI races, you need to know the standard used based on your weight and your equipment and take the time to measure out, but in most US events short of nationals it won't be a concern. Granted, all specs can vary with manufacturing variance, use, etc., you just need to take the time to check your actual rim and tire.

The PDX design was proven as a tubular in the mud cauldron of Portland cyclocross, and it remains the best mud/allround tubular we have run. It lives up to the expectations and performance tubular riders have been privileged to exploit the last few years, and yet continues to surprise with it's overall capabilities. If you feel like you need an even more aggressive mud tire, Donnelly recommends the BOS edition tubular.

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  • Excellent mud and soft surface tubular cyclocross tire, fast, sure, capable
  • Narrow tread blocks cut through the mud, propelling the bike, leaving mud behind
  • Offers great hook up on grass and in snow as well, rolls fast for aggressive tread
  • Rubber offers stiffer knobs on shoulders, softer in center for grip on hard surfaces when required
  • Tubular tire with tubeless casing that is entirely airtight, less prone to puncture and accepts sealant easily
  • Every tire is produced in a highly exacting process that creates a very straight tire with no variances in size or alignment
  • Removable valve core
  • Pro designed and tested
  • Max pressure rating: 65psi
  • Size: 700x33
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 375 grams
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