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Nutrition Gels

Clif Shot Energy Gel provides a quick dose of energy needed during racing and training. It is a perfect blend of simple and complex carbohydrates along with electrolytes for fast absorption. Clif has a great philosophy of using only what the body needs using mostly all natural and organic ingredients for a clean and natural performance boost. Using Clif Shot Energy Gel promotes high enegy level, prevents bonking, helps with hydration and faster muscle recovery.

Chocolate, Vanilla and Razz have no caffeine. Strawberry and Citrus have 25mg of caffeine. Mocha has 50mg of caffeine. Double Espresso and Chocolate Cherry have 100mg of caffeine. Return to Top

  • 110 calories
  • 22 grams total carbs
  • 60mg Sodium, 80mg Potassium
  • New, thinner consistency
  • Entirely natural with 90% organic ingredients
  • Litter Leash™ keeps package tops in place for proper disposal

    Ingredients: Organic Maltodextrin, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Water, Organic Unsweetened Chocolate, Organic Cherry Juice Concentrate, Green Tea Extract (contains caffeine), Natural Flavor, Potassium Citrate, Sea Salt.

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