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With the proliferation of carbon rims in the 2000's Conti formulated this glue to specifically bond to carbon surfaces. The primary focus was on the effect of heat that builds up in carbon structures from the road and braking. Overcoming this heat strain was crucial for proper adherence in all conditions, as excessive heat softens conventional glue, especially under the duress of long descents, where the risk of the tire detaching from the rim is significant. Dedicated Tour and Vuelta watchers from the late 2000's will recall a few ugly incidences, even if they'd rather not. With their extensive experience in rubber chemistry and the effects of heat, the engineers at Continental developed this glue compound to keep carbon wheel riders safe.

Packaged here in 25 gram tubes, the clear formula spreads smoothly for even coating. Continental Carbon Rim Cement can be used with any tubular brand tubular tire -not just Continental products- and on any carbon rim.

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  • For gluing tubular tires on carbon rim surfaces
  • Clear, carbon-specific formula
  • Please, always glue your tubulars in well vented areas
  • Size: 25 gram tube

This item must ship UPS Ground; to Continental United States addresses only

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