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The Grand Prix 4-Season Tire has been a favorite of countless cyclists for the last decade. Continental developed the tire as a more protective, even more durable, version of the venerable Grand Prix 4000. Pro riders were looking for more of an all-season, all-weather tread, along with greater sidewall and flat protection. The rub? These same riders weren't willing to sacrifice much performance or feel in the process. Oh yes, it couldn't be too heavy either. Continental delivered, and though there have been some quiet updates to the rubber compound over the years, the essence of the Grand Prix 4-Season rolls on.

The core of the tire is a 3 ply 330tpi Grand Prix 4000 casing. This supple casing is the same one found on Conti's top performance clinchers. It delivers a uniform feel and ability to react naturally under duress, but it isn't soft. Conti's tires are firmer for a reason. The rubber compound of the outer tread is designed to grip and hold through the shoulder, so tire deformation is designed to be minimal. These long wearing and low rolling resistance compounds are specific to each tire design, and in the center of Grand Prix 4-Season's tread you will see constant center line for fast rolling, as well as large siping zones to shed water and provide grip in loose material. Large center to edge vector-shaped zones with mini-tread lugs enable maximum cornering grip in all conditions. The tread rubber is thicker in the center, and thins as it wraps the edge, delivering great wear, but not mitigating road feel.

The overarching protection of the tire is provided by DuraSkin technology. DuraSkin is a polymide mesh fiber that wraps the casing from bead to bead, and is designed to protect your it from sidewall abrasion and puncture. While still offering protection in the center of the tire, the primary reason it wraps the entire casing is to provide a consistent feel and offer a more supple cornering edge. Between the DuraSkin wrap and the tread are two layers of Vectran Breaker strips that give maximize puncture protection. The lightweight Vectran multifilament material is very flexible and pliant, and the double layer is Conti's assurance of protection.

We see the Grand Prix 4-Season on tandems, commuting steeds, pro racer's training bikes, and just about everywhere. It is a terrific tire and widely popular. We trust it, and believe you will as well.

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  • Performance all-season clincher with high-mileage carbon compound tread
  • Supple 3 ply/330tpi casing is race level, keeping the carcass as light as possible
  • DuraSkin fabric provides bead to bead abrasion protection
  • Dual Vectran Breaker strips for incredible puncture defense
  • PSI range: 23mm 110-120, 25mm 95-120, 28mm 95-115, 32mm 85-102
  • Black with natural DuraSkin sidewall
  • Weights (actual, +/-5g on avg): 700x23 229g, 700x25 236g, 700x28 288g, 700x32 339g
  • Made in Germany
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