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Road Tires - Clincher

Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Tire

If you have ridden the Grand Prix 4000S II then you know it has everything you demand from a competition level clincher tire: low rolling resistance, outstanding grip, puncture resistance, and excellent tread wear. The firm-ish sidewalls do not flex much, so they never pinch tubes due to flex. Now, take all of those attributes and add the fact that they are very light (205 grams for a 700x23mm), plus easy to mount, and you have a industry leader by anyone's standards. It is hard to have a conversation about this product without using words like, benchmark and industry standard.

Continental's BlackChili compound ensures that the 4000S II has exceptionally low rolling resistance, yet offers phenomenal grip in wet or dry circumstances across the entire rubber surface. Along with proprietary synthetic and natural rubber compounds, the secret to the properties of BlackChili comes from special nanometric carbon soot particles, which are optimized in shape and surface properties for each tire it is used in. In the 4000S II, the focus was on grip and rolling resistance. Thanks to these polymers and carbon fillers, the BlackChili ends up offering some of the strongest and most durable tread rubber available while keeping rolling resistance minimized.

Under the rubber tread, Conti has placed a strip of Vectran which adds to the already outstanding puncture resistance. Vectran is essentially a protective belt made of super strong, extremely lightweight and pliant material. The end result is a tire that speeds along in the straights, keeps you in control in the corners, and protects better than any tire in the category.

Ride quaity is driven by the supple, three play, 330tpi casing which is flexible enough to transfer positive road feel, but stiff enough so it will not flex much in corners or under load. For some riders, this is something they have to ride to understand. Many tires have a softer feel, and cyclists equate this to cornering control and traction, but the reality is that the rubber compound is a greater determinant of adherence, and BlackChili delivers all you will ever need. Conti does not want the tire to deform, but to remain in shape, and allow the rubber to do the work. Not sold? This knowledge was adapted and built into cycling tires, but the compounds and techniques were developed for Moto GP, the pinnacle of motorcycle racing where Continental has been a serious player for years. Grip, control and speed are everything in Moto GP. Okay, some nerve is required as well, but that holds true when descending through switchbacks at speed while wearing Lycra as well.

While designed primarily as a race tire, we have found many riders will use the 4000S II for training and racing due to superb durability and all-weather performance. While we each have a favorite tire, here at Excel you will see a lot of Continental tires used for daily use, and the 4000S II dominates. Most of us consider this the best all-around clincher in the marketplace.


  • BlackChili tread compound offers amazing grip, low rolling resistance
  • A supple, 3 ply 330tpi casing maintains consistent and positive road feel
  • Vectran Breaker is a pliable but highly protective belt
  • Tread wear indicators in the rubber keep you informed
  • Maximum inflation 120psi (115psi for the 28mm, 160 for 20mm)
  • Weight: 700x 20 185g, 700x23 205g, 700x25 230g, 700x28 255g
  • Made in Germany