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The Continental Hometrainer Tire has been specially formulated for high indoor mileage and to keep you safe while you train indoors. There are legitimate reasons you buy a special tire for your indoor trainer. All start with heat build-up. As you ride on the drum of the trainer or roller, substantial heat will build up at the surface of the tire, which can quickly separate tread from the casing. Friction on the roller means the drum itself will get hot. Many a fluid trainer used to fail from overheating, and though it is more rare now, it still happens. While the tire itself is heating up, so is the air mass within. And just as excessive braking can lead to tires blowing off the rim on the road, it can happen on the trainer as well. While it may not be as catastrophic as it would be on a long descent, it is still quite loud, and can damage your rim.

The constant friction and heat will destroy a regular tire faster on a trainer than you think. It is a popular thought to use a worn out tire as trainer tire, but again, you are just asking for a blowout. The rubber compounds used in the Hometrainer tire will keep cooler, reduce friction, and be capable of handling heat on those indoor Paris-Roubaix days. The Hometrainer Tire is not suitable for any on-road use. It was built specifically for indoor training. Please, if you are using a trainer or rollers for regular use, run a trainer specific tire. It will preserve your trainer, protect your rim, and your ear drums.

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  • Special cool-running compound
  • Low level of heat build up within tire
  • Extends trainer, roller drum and rim lifespan
  • Not for use outdoors or on track surface
  • PSI range 110-120
  • 240 grams
  • Made in Germany
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