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The Continental Race Light Road Tube is approximately 20-25 grams lighter than the standard equivalent Continental Race Road tube. Installing a lighter tube is a quick and low-cost way to reduce rotating weight, which helps reduce the impact of a heavier tire or aero rim. Though these tubes tend to be slightly less puncture resistant than a Road Race tube, the Light version is still subject to Conti's impeccable quality control procedures. As such, these tubes have similar base puncture resistance as many other standard weight tubes on the market. You can also be sure that you will get a uniformly round and balanced tube, which is even more crucial in a lightweight version. The same seamless construction and vulcanization process is used and the valve area is reinforced.

The Race Light is offered in several valve stem lengths. For standard rims and semi-aero rims up to 28mm deep choose at least the 42mm. For deeper aero rims choose either the 60mm or 80mm valve stem. A good way to select the correct valve stem length is to make sure it is at least as long as the profile of your rim plus 18-20mm. This will accommodate most pump head designs. The valve core is removable so you can add sealant and the threaded valve is compatible with a variety of valve extenders.

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  • High quality, seamless, lightweight road bike tube with uniform roundness
  • All Continental tubes are subject to stringent quality control
  • Removable valve core for replacement, adding a valve extender or sealant
  • Tube size: 700x18-25mm diameter
  • Valve length/weight: 42mm 65g, 60mm 76g, 80mm 90g
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Average Rating:

John Maurin
Posted on April 9, 2008
LOVE these tubes. Takes a week for them to lose 5lbs. of pressure! I usually have to repump tires daily. Even though I still check these before every ride, rarely do they need air!