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Continental developed RevoSealant for bicycle tubeless systems after decades of similar product use in the company's car tires. Working with various rim materials and rubber compounds, Conti understood the corrosion challenges many popular sealants have faced. RevoSealant is ammonia and protein free, so it won't corrode your rims or eat into, or poorly interact with, synthetic and natural rubber compounds.

Although the goal was to develop an optimized sealant for use with Conti's Revolution Tubeless Ready tires, the product will work with all tubeless ready rim and tire combinations. The sealant adheres to the edge of the bead and coats the tire's inner surface, for a leak free rim/tire seal, and fast acting closure of small punctures through the casing. RevoSealant can be safely used in any butyl tube, tubeless ready or tubular tire. Generally, installed sealant integrity is 2-6 months, depending on usage and temperature conditions. Though tire size and volume matter, about 100ml will suffice for most mountain tires. See package for more detailed instructions. If you run Continental tires, the company believes RevoSealant is the best product available for your tires. Given that the company developed both the rubber compounds and the sealant, we can hardly disagree.

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  • Optimized for use in Continental Revolution Tubeless Ready tires
  • Can be used in any tubeless ready rim/tire combination
  • Ammonia and protein free formula won't harm rims or tires
  • Provides a reliable bead/rim seal
  • Seals small cuts and punctures
  • Effective to temperatures as low as -4 degrees F
  • Can also be used in tubes and tubular tires with removable valve cores
  • Size: 240ml (good for 1-2 average mountain bike tires)
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