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Clothing Baselayers - Women's

Craft Womens Cool Mesh Superlight Baselayer

The ultimate lightweight sleeveless baselayer for women is the Craft Mesh Superlight. Nothing can match the comfort, lightweight, and active cooling of this piece. The women's specific cut and construction offers more coverage around the bra zone for better coverage and privacy when you are going all-out, so you don't have to worry about the see-through nature of white garments, let alone mesh versions. The attention detail doesn't stop there, as the side seam extends from the back of the arm hole, not directly down the side, so the lightly compressive fit isn't hindered, nor do you have to worry about chafing.

The Cool Mesh Superlight "big-hole" fabric excels in the expulsion of perspiration with expedited dry times. A six-channeled, hollow fiber polyester filament does a great job at trapping moisture and transporting it away from your body. The open mesh structure elevates the fabric off the skin which greatly improves wicking and moisture management while dry time is expediting by spreading perspiration and moisture over a larger surface area within the fabric. The garment features antimicrobial treatment to prevent odor and bacteria to a minimum. With venting being a major function of a light baselayer, the Superlight's proprietary mesh knit creates more air pockets across the surface of the fabric, thus maximizing ventilation and air to skin contact.


  • Perfect hot weather baselayer for women during high-output endurance activity
  • Snug anatomic fit, with rear-set side seam
  • Bra zone features additional "modesty" material
  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Flat finished seams
  • Soft and comfortable finish
  • Cool Mesh super cooling effect
  • Full open-mesh construction
  • Excellent moisture transportation
  • Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: White
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