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Pumps & CO2 CO2 Inflators & Cartidges

Buy our most popular size by the box and save even more. This super family size box of 20 brings the price down to the cheapest you can get your hands on a cartridge. You end up saving around 25-30% over buying them in smaller quantities.

16 gram cartridges are our best-selling size, simply because they work well with both road and mountain. One 16g cartridge is capable of inflating up one 700c road tire to 100psi, a 26" mountain tire up to 40psi and a 29" mountain tire up to 35psi. They are not too much larger than the 12g cartridges, but offer so much more. They feature threaded tops that will fit most modern inflation devices.

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  • Save with a 30 pack
  • Threaded screw tops
  • Good choice for road or mountain
  • Our most popular size

This item must ship UPS Ground and to United States Continental Addresses Only

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