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Mountain Seatposts & Dropper Posts

With the Highline Dropper Seatpost it is clear that Crank Brothers is a company that learns from past experiences. The Highline Dropper is a stealth-style post features a cable actuated adjustment of in internal hydraulic cartridge. The system works exceptionally well, and is consistently responsive without a full hydraulic system from lever to post. This simplifies installation, set-up and service. A 3-year warranty on the replaceable, but not serviceable cartridge is a testimony to the confidence the company has in the Highline. Those who wanted to love, but struggled with the balky Kronolog post, will be thankful that the Highline was thoroughly tested in the lab and in real world riding conditions. The design and engineering are solid, the components top notch, which means performance is in-line with the highest rider expectations.

The sealed hydraulic cartridge powers the post movement, and Crank Brothers used the best Trelleborg® sealing system, exclusive Igus® LL-glide bearings, and composite body to keep the movement and action smooth within the machined 7075-T6 alloy post. For the remote system, a horizontal lever is long enough for easy use, with a textured surface and is mounted on a spherical ball, for excellent personalized positioning. The CNC machined clamp is light, stiff, and has a reasonably narrow footprint on the bar. Jagwire Elite Ultra-Slick cable and Lex-SL housing keep the action smooth and responsive from the lever down, and the designers created a quick connect system for the bottom of the post that make installation much easier. A key way on the connector mates with the post, so it is almost impossible to make an error.

As for pure seatpost features, the Highline is available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, 400mm long. The travel range is 5" (125mm) and is infinite within the range. There is a 50mm minimum stack height when installing. The head is a 2-bolt design with massive angle adjustment that is infinitely incremental. To keep saddle installation simple, the rear facing bolt has a slotted entry, which allows the bolt to pivot away, opening up the clamp for fast rail installation.

Crank Brothers faced an uphill battle after struggles with the innovative, but unreliable Kronolog. The Highline Dropper has proven to riders that the company is committed to the best riding experience. Riders frequently comment that this is the best hybrid, hydraulic-mechanical post they have ever ridden, and many prefer it to pure hydraulic options. Every feature and function has been carefully engineered and tested, and the end result is a fantastic internally routed dropper seatpost that is truly worthy of the Crank Brothers nameplate and may well push the company even further.

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  • Internal routing Dropper post with mechanical actuation of hydraulic cylinder
  • Exceptional performance from high quality internals, precision components
  • Igus LL-glide bearing and keys, composite body, Trelleborg seal system
  • Sealed hydraulic cylinder is replaceable, nor serviceable, with 3 year warranty
  • Quick connect system at bottom of post makes installation/attachment simple
  • 7075-T6 aluminum post shaft, with 2-bolt head, minute adjustment, great angle range
  • Jagwire elite ultra-slick cable and lex-sl housing
  • 5” / 125 mm of infinite travel adjustment
  • Ergonomic remote features:
    • pivot remote lever allows optimal ergonomic placement
    • ergonomic spherical adjustment – 360° rotation // 22° tilt
    • single bolt hinge locking system
    • universal mounting system: top / bottom / left / right
  • 5” / 125 mm of infinite travel adjustment with 50mm minimum stack height
  • Diameter options: 30.9mm / 31.6mm
  • Length: 400mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 580g (30.9mm size, includes remote, cable, and housing)
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