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Clothing Skinsuits

This Excel Sports Team Long Sleeve Summer Time Trial Suit is a Cuore Silver-level piece. The Innovative cut and light weight, aero materials combined in a one-piece which, as the name suggests, is perfect for efficiency in the summer months.

This is a true one-piece suite made of lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking material to create an aerodynamic experience on warm days. Innovative cut and compression fit guarantee a definite aerodynamic advantage. The highly elastic and large-pored fabric in the back reinforces air circulation and moisture transport. Cuore's MB2 chamois, which has an anatomical fit, guarantees maximum comfort in the key areas. The tailor-made chamois, constructed with several foam densities, also has breathable, moisture-absorbing and antistatic properties. The double-layer leg end with silicone print secures the position of the one piece, so it fits your body like a second skin, keeping your body as sleek as can be for the ultimate in efficiency against the clock.

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  • Excel Team Summer TT suit with long sleeves, made by Cuore
  • Cuore Silver-level garment built for racing with custom Excel Sports Team graphics
  • Light, breathable and moisture-transporting materials
  • Compression fit for best aerodynamics, muscle support
  • Highly elastic and large-pored material in the back for increased moisture transport
  • MB2 chamois with anatomical fit for best comfort
  • Double-layer leg end with silicone print for perfect grip
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Sizes: Small, XL
  • Color: Excel Sports Team
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