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Gravel Handlebars

Deda Elementi Gravel 100 Handlebar

Deda builds components that are durable, lightweight, and have the designs that cyclists are looking for. The Italian company has always stayed contemporary. The Zero 100 lineup now features the Gravel 100 RHM Handle bar, which still features their RHM (rapid hand movement) concept in a compact design but with 12° outward flare of the curve through the drops on both sides so the rider can achieve a wider, low hand position and weight distribution for rougher terrain. With a 75mm reach and 130mm drop, the Gravel 100 RHM has ideal dimensions and shapes for moving quickly from one hand position to another. More importantly from a user and bike fit perspective, the bar sets up perfectly with current shifter body designs to allow for better positioning and fit, while ensuring proper weight distribution over the front wheel for most cyclists.

The triple-butted 7075-T6 alloy construction ensures great strength and stiffness, especially at the clamping zones, but also keeps the weight low with significant fatigue resilience. The bar shapes are generally rounded, and when wrapped the bar feels very natural in the hands. The drop itself is actually a fairly round shape at first glance, but as you look more closely, you see the increasing radius towards the top, which provides better shift/brake lever access for any size hands. There is no anatomic shaping, but the curve drop offers aggressive hand positions that are still comfortable. The ends of the drop have a slightly larger diameter, so you feel where the bar ends, and is also easier to grip when you power down in a sprint. This zone is also where you will set-up on gravel for better for stability and track control on rough surfaces

With short distances and smooth transitions between hand position options, you can see RHM at work. Today's shift levers set up long and flat, so a compact bar with a short reach allows most riders to run a longer stem to achieve the same effective reach to the up-curve of the lever hood shape. This keeps some weight on the wheel where you need it for handling and control, and distributes your body weight over the center of the bike for better overall balance and cornering grip. You also won't be cramped to the top of the bar, while over-reaching for the shifter. These developments are crucial for rider comfort and demonstrate how components integrate for optimal use.

The Deda Gravel 100 RHM Handlebar features the same drop and reach measurements for all width options. Deda measures their bars outside to outside at the lever mount zone, so a 46cm is comparable to a 44 center to center bar, but with the 12° flare, you get 3cm off additional width on each side. Thus the 44cm measures 50cm outside to outside at the end of the drop. Deda also uses 31.7mm as their named diameter, but virtually all 31.8mm stems work perfectly with Deda bars. Though many gravel riders will prefer a carbon bar for vibration damping, others will prefer to ride a handlebar that can survive a crash or two during an epic ride, while still delivering the control, feel, and comfort of a great alloy bar with a proper tape job.


  • Alloy Gravel-purposed handlebar with compact design, optimized for clean shifter set-up, RHM, with 12°outward flares for greater stability over rough terrain
  • Deda RHM shape eases hand transitions from on section to another
  • Constructed from 7075-T6 triple-butted aluminum alloy, black anodized finish
  • Compatible with most 31.8mm clip-on aerobars
  • Increasing radius drop for reduced reach to shift/brake levers
  • Excellent curve side markings for accurate lever set-up
  • NOT grooved for recessed housing
  • Drop: 130mm
  • Reach: 75mm
  • 12° flare from top of curve out to end of drop, for added width, leverage
  • Diameter: 31.7mm
  • Sizes: 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 cm (measured outside to outside, at lever mount)
  • Note: O-O width at end of drop is 6cm greater than bar size (42cm is 48cm)
  • Color: Black on Black (matte anodized w/ gloss black center section)
  • Weight: 260 grams (42cm)