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Deda Elementi has been building the Zero 100 series to great success. The addition of the Zero 100 Seatpost is welcomed by all who have the stem and bar, as well as those looking to start fresh and want matching cockpit kit. The new matte or polished-on-black finishes have great style and overall effect, with a hint of uniqueness to help you stand out from the crowd. The 12mm offset of this 350mm long seatpost is a perfect compromise between zero and 25mm.

The Zero 100 Seatpost is 3D aluminum forged for a stronger structural construction at lighter weight. Deda uses the same innovative 1-bolt clamp system of Superleggero RS seatpost to allow an easy and fast assembly. A fine adjustment of the saddle inclination is possible through the adjusting thumbscrew-style knob on the seatpost head. Many such designs can be difficult to use, but the angle of the screw is clean, and the threads themselves rotate much more easily than expected. The key, of course, is to graduate the tension of the rear bolt without overtightening, allowing you to manipulate the angle until you are ready to lock it down.

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  • Lightweight, strong and resilient 3D forged aluminum seatpost
  • Single rear clamp bolt with pivoting front angle adjustment bolt
  • Easy to load, fasten and adjust saddle
  • Fine saddle inclination adjustment via thumbscrew knob
  • Material: Alloy 7050 3D forged
  • Setback: 12mm
  • Diameter options: 27.2mm, 31.6mm
  • Length: 350mm
  • Compatible with Deda Elementi adapter for Di2 internal battery
  • Finishes: Black on Black (BOB); Black Matte anodized
  • Weight: 259 grams (31.6 mm)
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