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The D-Logo sock is both the most plain and most popular sock in the DeFeet's Aireator line. It features a solid color sock body with a small and low-profile DeFeet logo knitted onto the back of the cuff. The sock looks simple and in this case, simple is good.

Once in a while a company produces a product that becomes instant classic through universal acceptance and tacit approval. Fast forward 10 years after their launch and they are still just as popular as ever and just about every retailer's number one selling sock. Their's no magical formula or elixir to explain the Aireator's success, it's simply a great product. They are lightweight, comfortable have superb wicking capacity and seemingly last forever.

The word Aireator refers to the airflow that the sock offers through its permeated and diaphanous knitted weave in the sock body. This design lightens up the sock and puts a premium on moisture wicking and comfort. It's as close as you're going to get in a sock that feels like a second skin. The 2.5" cuff is what we would consider a classic cuff height. It is doubled over with added Elastane and Lycra to give you a no-slip grip. This is probably the most effective design we'vew seen to date to prevent sagging cuffs. DeFeet to care in added DuPont Cordura thread strands into the heel and toe to make sure the socks don't wear and fade prematurely during their life cycle. In a nutshell, the Aireator is a great sock and great value, choose size and color.

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  • Classic 2.5"/6.35cm cuff height
  • Lightweight & vented sock body
  • StayFast cuff eliminates sagging
  • Knitted logos and graphics
  • DuPont Cordura thread strands in heel and toe
  • Almost seamless construction
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