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As strong as DMT has been in supplying superlight shoes that really perform to the pro racers, XC racers on the mountain side have long enjoyed many of the same technologies and advances. DMT has had a principled approach to creating cycling shoes that challenge the standard ideas about fit, comfort and power transfer. Light, fast, extremely comfortable the KM0 represents the state of the art for performance improving on all the best features of DMT knit footwear. Working with their revolutionary knit technology the DMT designers have created an extremely light XC/Marathon shoe that offers excellent energy transfer with their proprietary Michelin® outsole, the double BOA® Fit System closure and an integrated upper construction that adapts perfectly to each rider’s feet.

Like the road KR0, the mountain KM0 defines the next generation of footwear technology. DMT are specialists in producing technical knit footwear. Working with the most demanding athletes the company has ensured that there is no compromise between comfort and performance. Using technical yarns and specific Engineered Knit structures, their designers match the exact needs for each style of cycling and each zone of the shoe. Trying on a pair of DMT knit shoes will completely change the way that you think of cycling footwear. Light, less bulky, excellent fit, superior breathability and fast drying. With no compromise between fit and support thanks to the slightly elastic construction, their goal is that you forget that you are even wearing shoes on your next ride. With the premium grade KM0 Mountain Shoe you get the ultimate in upper comfort and support with excellent breathability and overall moisture transfer.

DMT has chosen to feature BOA's Fit Systems on the majority of their models because of the versatility, great performance, ease of use and dependable quality. As a true development partner with DMT, BOA has helped the company bring their closure systems to the next level. The KM0's BOA’s breakthrough Li2 dial platform, which brings a sleek, low-profile design, unprecedented durability, and improved sustainability to the L-Series footwear. With incremental micro-adjustability, Li2 is the ultimate in fast, effortless, precision. The anchor placements of the BOA mounts work perfectly with the bone structure of the foot to reduce potential pressure points and friction.

Providing a super stiff, super light carbon sole plate was the easy part for DMT. Working with Michelin, the designers were able to develop tread lug rubber and treads themselves that offer great walking control and traction, without adding too much weight. The best blend of grip and durability is here, as well as protection for the carbon plate. The tread "sculptures" as DMT call them, might err a little to the side of grip, as the surface area is less than some shoes on the main tread blocks, leaving a larger channel for interfacing with a 2-bolt cleat system. The center zone, under the mid-foot is covered with a thinner layer, with a tread grip pattern that protects the carbon sole plate, but also offers grip on uneven rocks and surface features. While still a minimal weight race shoe, functionality for walking and potential hike-a-bike sections is there, as can be required at times, especially in marathon and epic multi-day events. You don't need to sacrifice power transfer for weight or versatility. The aforementioned 2-bolt cleat interface offers substantial fore-aft adjustment, as well as a marked cleat set-up reference. Both the toe and heel zones of the shoe offer abrasion protection with thin but resilient rubber caps.

There are many great mountain bike race-level shoes available, and yes, most are graced with high technology and brilliant design. The prices reflect that. However the best shoe for you is the one that fits you. Period. When your choice is within the premium race grade shoe world, take the time to fit yourself with some DMT KM0's. The upper is forgiving yet holds your foot in place. No compromises here. You may very well end up wearing your KM0's out on the way to top step of the podium.

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  • Lightweight XC/Marathon race-grade road cycling shoe with premium technology knit upper
  • Impressively stiff, wholly supportive, and impressive cycling ergonomics with anatomic reference
  • Full Engineered 3D knit upper with ultralight construction
  • Variable thickness and knit structures for ultimate comfort
  • Integrated webbing
  • Boa® Fit System with double Li2 dials
    • Fine-tune fit with incremental tightening and loosening
    • Unprecedented durability, built to withstand the toughest conditions
    • Developed with sustainability at the forefront of design, manufactured to reuse and reduce material waste
  • Rubber toe bumper and abrasion resistant coating on toe cap for protection
  • Dual Compound Carbon outsole with high traction rubber lugs developed in collaboration with Michelin
    • Aggressive tread sculptures on toe area for traction and protection
    • Side tread sculptures for stability and traction
    • Shaped and supportive arch tread area for better stability and sole protection
    • Massive tread sculptures on heel area to increase the durability
    • 2-Bolt cleat mounting with ample front-rear cleat adjustability; cleat position guide
  • DMT's website has detailed instructions for measuring shoe size via length and width with mm increment measurements
  • Sizes Euro (US): 41 (8.25), 42 (9), 42.5 (9.5), 43 (9.75), 43.5 (10.25), 44 (10.75), 44.5 (11), 45 (11.5), 45.5 (11.75), 46 (12.25)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 271 grams (Size 42)
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