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Gravel Tires - Cyclocross Tubeless

Donnelly PDX WC Tubeless Cyclocross Tire

The Donnelly PDX cyclocross tire has been a dominant option for muddier events in the US since it was released. The tubeless option has been gaining market traction in a very competitive environment, but there has been a challenge with it. The 700x33 PDX Tubeless generally measures out wider than 33mm on most current rim designs and UCI races feature strict enforcement of the 33mm requirement. Donnelly has analyzed and assessed the issues, and have created this PDX WC Tubeless Cyclocross Tire to exacting standards to ensure that when you line up, you are compliant. The PDX WC is produced in Europe with the finest materials and the utmost attention to detail. It is made with the highest quality nylon casing available, features 240 TPI construction and weighs just 350 grams. The precision design and stringent construction creates a straight tire with no variances in size or alignment.

You get the same narrow, tall and wide open tread spacing with a near constant center pattern which has proven itself in the mudholes of cyclocross lore with a tubeless ready design that brings a reinforced, yet supple sidewall that can handle the lower pressures without fear of destruction. When a tire penetrates and rips through the way the PDX does, you will fully appreciate the results. Just keep in mind that narrower knobs are less stiff and a great mud tire rarely reacts well on hardpack, especially in corners. The design can and will hold in loose ice and snow, with grass traction decent until it fully packs down. The updated soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption, making for a better all-around ride and capabilities.


  • Precision made, updated PDX Tubeless tire, ensures UCI 33mm compliance
  • 240tpi Tubeless casing is reinforced for wear, features an Aramid bead
  • Tubeless-ready design mounts easily to most tubeless ready rims
  • Tall and widely spaced knobs for superior mud clearance and traction
  • Center knobs are aligned for fast rolling
  • Side knobs offer superior cornering
  • Soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption
  • Precision design creates a straight tire with no variances in size or alignment
  • Tubeless casing is reinforced for wear, features an Aramid bead
  • Can be run tubeless or with tube
  • PSI range: 35-60 psi
  • Recommend ammonia-free sealants like Stan's NoTubes
  • Size: 700x33mm
  • Colors: Black/Tan, Black
  • Listed Weight: 350 grams
  • Made in Europe