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Gravel Tires Tubeless

Donnelly has released WC versions of several of their adventure/gravel tires. The Strada USH WC is produced in Europe with the finest materials and the utmost attention to detail. It is made with the highest quality, Japanese produced nylon casing available, and features 240 TPI construction. The result is a lighter, more perfectly round tire. When precision, speed and cornering control are your priorities in Tubeless Ready all road / adventure tire, the Donnelly Strada USH WC Tubeless Tire is a premium option. The directional tire has a near constant chevron center pattern that rolls fast and sure on pavement, while keeping you on-line when the conditions get rougher. No more slogs over transitional pavement as you get to the more adventurous terrain. Donnelly carries an exaggerated chevron tread off each side of the center and out over the edge. You get all the cornering grip you need, wet or dry, pavement or hardpack. The angled herringbone tread also moves water and moisture out and away the center, and when you are running lower pressures on gravel or rock, will provide a traction effect on off camber corners or hard obstacles.

This long lasting and hard wearing tire has you covered from commuting to big adventure days in the saddle. The USH is named for the airport code of Ushuaia on the island of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, and the ultimate destination for adventure bike touring.

Donnelly has developed a proprietary tubeless ready construction and the WC build for excellent fit, hold and performance. The bead is a strong, proven design of heat resistant Aramid fibers so you can run this tire with tubes or tubeless. The surface and tread rubber offers good wear, lower rolling resistance, and overall durability. Grip is largely a function of the tread pattern and tire footprint, so the tire pressure you choose will be driven by conditions and terrain. Of course you can run the Strada USH WCTubeless Tire with a tube, but we recommend you save that for emergencies. With proper sealant use and a Tubeless Ready rim, the benefits of lower pressures are clear; no pinch flats or small puncture issues with better grip, purchase on uneven surfaces and rolling speed.

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  • Higher quality, lighter version of the Strada USH adventure tire made to exacting specifications
  • Tubeless Ready clincher tire for fast gravel, all-road, adventure, commuting
  • Versatile, fast rolling tire with impressive grip, traction and handling with the capability to run lower pressure
  • 240tpi Japanese produced nylon casing is perfectly round, and more supple than standard version
  • Flexible Aramid bead for easier Tubeless installation
  • Tire has long wear, grip from multi-chevron herringbone edge tread pattern
  • Directional tire, with near constant chevron center section with siping voids
  • Integrated puncture protection belt under the tread
  • Can be run tubeless or with tube
  • Pressure range: 50-80 psi
  • Recommend current sealants like Stan's NoTubes, that are ammonia-free
  • Size: 700x40
  • Colors: Black, Black with Tan Sidewall
  • Size/Weight: 700x40 / TBD
  • Made in Europe
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