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Crafted from premium materials and utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the DT Swiss Ratchet System 3-Pawl Freehub Body delivers uncompromising reliability in the most demanding conditions. The innovative 3-pawl design ensures lightning-fast engagement, providing an immediate and responsive power transfer from your pedals to the rear wheel.

With its advanced tooth profile and optimized spacing, this freehub body guarantees maximum power transmission efficiency, allowing you to unleash your full potential on the road or trail. Whether you're sprinting for the finish line or climbing steep inclines, every ounce of your effort is converted into forward momentum with unmatched precision.

Durability is at the core of the DT Swiss Ratchet System 3-Pawl Freehub Body. Its robust construction and meticulous engineering withstand the rigors of intense riding, ensuring years of reliable performance without compromising on weight. This freehub body is designed to handle the harshest terrains and the most punishing riding styles, giving you the confidence to push your limits and explore new horizons.

Furthermore, maintenance is a breeze with the DT Swiss Ratchet System 3-Pawl Freehub Body. Its tool-free disassembly allows for effortless cleaning and lubrication, ensuring your freehub remains in optimal condition and minimizing downtime.

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  • Unmatched performance and durability
  • Lightning-fast engagement with the innovative 3-pawl design
  • Maximum power transmission efficiency with advanced tooth profile and optimized spacing
  • Robust construction withstands the rigors of intense riding
  • Effortless maintenance with tool-free disassembly
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