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Small Parts Hub

DT Swiss Ratchet System Freehub Body

This is the exact freehub body that comes stock on the venerable DT Swiss 240S rear hub. It also serves as OE replacement for DT Swiss 180, 190, 240S and 350 Ratchet System hubs. The perfectly machined, anodized and lightweight design, is durable and reliable, but perhaps even more remarkable, is the ease in which you can service, replace or upgrade your freehub body (and entire rear hub in the process).

DT Swiss makes two types of freehub engagement designs, the standard 3 pawl design and the Ratchet System (often refereed to as the HUGI or Star Ratchet), which is what you see here. They are only compatible with the aforementioned DT Swiss ratchet design hubs.


  • Easy service and installation
  • Precision machined alloy construction
  • High quality German bearings
  • Does not include ratchet wheels or springs
  • DT Swiss Special Grease is recommended for hub service
  • Made in Switzerland