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Elite Freehub for Direct Drive Trainer

Replacement or optional freehub bodies for Elite's Direct Drive trainers are readily available of most major drivetrain systems and cassette standards. Machined and built for a perfect match with your cassette type, as well as the Elite trainer pawl interface. Excellent quality and built to last.


  • Machined freehub body options for specified Elite direct drive trainers
  • QR and thru-axle compatibility with proper fittings (come w/trainer, 12/148mm sold separately
  • Easy to install and use, perfect match for cassette and the Elite trainer system
  • Shimano Microspline freehub for Drivo and Direto family, Suito, Turno, Kura, Turbo Roteo and Volano)
  • SRAM XDR/XD (XD with spacer use, not Eagle 12 compatible) freehub for Direto, Direto X, Direto XR, Drivo, Drivo II, Kura, Turno, Suito, Turbo Roteo and Volano
  • Campagnolo 9-12 speed freehub for Direto XR, Drivo II, Direto X, Suito, Turno, Direto, Drivo, Kura, Zumo
  • Options: SRAM XDR 12s, Shimano Microspline 12s, Campagnolo 9-12s