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Elite Sterzo Trainer Steering Block

The standard Elite Sterzo steering plate is one of the most interesting additions you can make to your stabilized indoor training sessions. This unique front wheel riser block features steering functionality as it lets you control your handlebars as if you really were on the road. The registered design consists of a raised support with a rotating pivot for you to easily place the front wheel of your bicycle (accommodates tires as wide as 56mm) and have steering movement action.

The rotating pivot features a practical automatic return system for you to easily get the handlebar back to its original position and has effective anti-slip rubber feet on its base for you to you have even more stability in your rides as well as protecting contact surfaces from any potential scratches and abrasions. The Sterzo can be used on any non-slip trainer mat as well. The movement can offer several benefits to the cyclist. First, it forces you to relax your upper body, arms, and hands, just as if you were on a bike outside and trying to save energy and reduce strain. Second, it teaches you to be fluid and have less overall body movement when you are making harder efforts on the trainer- in or out of the saddle. Last, by creating some subtle movement, it eases stress on your body while on a static trainer, which should allow you to be more comfortable for long indoor sessions. The best part is these benefits can help you learn and carry over best habits when you are outside as well.

The Sterzo is one of the most interesting innovations for your indoor training ecosystem, especially if you consider that other than smoothly facilitating handlebar movement as mentioned above, this steering block allows you to take advantage of the ever-evolving steering options offered by your favorite indoor cycling software. Now this isn't the Sterzo Smart, which can connect directly to Apps, but if implemented by your favorite cycling software, steering features can enable users to control their avatar on-screen, change direction and overtake other bicycles by simply mounting your smartphone to their handlebars and using an App that reads the physical motion. The phone will track handlebars movement on Sterzo via the complementary App and send data immediately to your App/program software of choice.


  • Innovative front wheel riser block pivoting system for physical steering functionality on a static trainer
  • Maximum freedom of wheel movement to the left and right, up to 34° rotation on each side
  • Effective automatic return system for you to easily get the handlebar back to its original position
  • Raised support of fiber-reinforced polymeric material that also includes a patent-pending rotating pivot
  • Anti-slip rubber feet on its base keep Sterzo in position, prevent floor damage; works on non-slip mat
  • Accommodates tires as wide as 56mm
  • Can be used with Apps that utilize a smartphone's accelerometer to track the steering movement, when the smartphone is mounted to the handlebars; phone can send info to complementary app
  • Note: this is NOT the Sterzo Smart, which is a BLE enabled version of the Sterzo
  • Color: Black