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Best known for impeccable carbon fiber components and wheels, as well as espousing the benefits of carbon over other materials, Enve brings you Alloy Mountain Stems that are top shelf in every way and set the benchmark for alloy mountain stem performance. In terms of stiffness, strength there is very little that separates the alloy from the carbon stems Enve has long produced, though for shorter travel and lower volume tires, carbon still offers benefits aluminum can not. For longer travel and large volume tires, the difference in price alone makes the aluminum alloy stem a clear option to many trail riders who understand the value of superior strength and control at this key junction.

Enve's goal for the Alloy Mountain Stems was to create a product defined by strength, light-weight, ride quality and aesthetics. The design needed to honor the art of machining aluminum while preserving as many of the performance benefits of their carbon M Series Handlebars. To achieve this, each alloy stem has been cold-forged, and then extensively machined. The result is an incredibly strong and reliable stem, at only a slight weight penalty to carbon, but lighter than most premium alloy stems on the market. Given that stems and handlebars function as a team, the Alloy Mountain Stem clamp widths are designed to complement M Series carbon handlebars and their unique flex profiles. To further perfect the pairing, the surfaces of the stem’s clamp area are refined to prevent damage to Enve's carbon handlebars or any other carbon laminate bar.

The Alloy Mountain Stem is available in both 31.8mm and 35.0mm handlebar clamp diameters, and in 35, 50, and 65 mm lengths. The angle is zero, for a 90 degree angle off the steerer tube. Enve's face plate design requires contact from the top of the plate to the stem body. This is referred to as the No-Gap system, and Enve laser etches this into side of the faceplate before anodizing for a subtle reference point. The 4mm stainless steel hardware features 4mm internal hex heads and a 5.5Nm torque specification. The overall graphics are also laser etched, post-anodization for a clean look that won't fade or wear off. The overall aesthetics of the Alloy Mountain Stem are impressive, with fine machining and informed, rounded edges and blind bolt holes to prevent scraping your knees or catching your baggies while pedaling or utilizing every inch of your cockpit for bike manipulation. You won't find a higher performing alloy stem that is just as effective on an XC, Trail, or Enduro bike, or one that looks better.

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  • 3D-forged then precision machined lightweight aluminum mountain bike stem
  • Laser etched logos for a clean, sharp effect; won't wear off
  • 31.8 / 35.0 mm bar clamp models rated for XC, trail, all-mountain, enduro and gravity use
  • Cold-forged, then precision machined for maximum weight savings, strength, and complementary pairing with ENVE M Series carbon handlebars
  • No-Gap faceplate design delivers enhanced handlebar clamping and anti-slip performance
  • Top bolt zone areas of the face plate must contact stem body for proper installation/safe use
  • Thoughtful machining of the clamp area prevents damage to carbon handlebar laminates
  • Blind bolt holes to eliminate sharp corners - preventing snags and battered knees
  • Stainless hardware ensures reliable, corrosion free performance
  • All bolts are 4mm Hex, and carry a 5.5Nm torque specification
  • Note:Enve requires the use of at least a minimal spacer under the stem- stem should not rest on the upper headset bearing cover- Read all instructions before installation
  • Angle: Zero degree (90 degrees off steerer tube)
  • Steerer clamp diameter: 1⅛" (28.6mm)
  • Handlebar clamp diameter options: 31.8mm, 35mm
  • Sizes: 35mm, 50mm, 65mm
  • Finish: Polished Black
  • Weight: 139 grams (50mm)
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