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Enve has developed wheelset options with the specific riding and performance requirements for gravel riding. This isn't some warmed up road disc wheelset, or a stripped down mountain bike wheelset. The G23 700c Gravel Wheelset was created for those seeking to discover new experiences, new terrain, and new challenges. It has been engineered and built to reflect the versatility of today’s gravel and mixed surface riders as well as the practicality of tubeless tire use, rim and tire protection, and being both strong enough to handle the abuse, but also forgiving enough to protect the rim and ease the ffect of rougher surfaces on the rider.

The G23 really is the definition of a true gravel wheelset. At 330 grams, ENVE’s lightest 700c tubeless rim accelerates quickly and ascends with ease. Armed against pinch flats with the patent pending Wide Hookless Bead, the G23 is tough and relentless on road, path or trail. The G23 is a 700c tubeless carbon clincher wheelset, with a generous 23mm internal width, specifically conceived to meet the performance and ride quality demands of serious mixed surface cyclists. Though you can run a clincher tire, this rim structure has no hook, so minding the tire set-up and pressure is crucial to safety. With a tubeless tire, running a tube is no issue, which is what many of us do when we sealant won't stop air loss or fix a flat.

Enve's G Series models are the lightest tubeless rims the company has produced and the engineers took two years perfecting thm. The “bell” like shape of the G23 and G27 rim models is a lighter weight execution of the mountain wide hookless bead and creates a rim section extremely capable of energy absorption and damping. The result is a rim shape that features a wider leading edge of the hookless bead. This broad surface creates a more forgiving platform on which the tire can bottom out, and proves extremely effective in reducing the likelihood of “pinch” or “snake-bite” style flat. In addition to greatly improving tire performance and reliability, design beefs up the leading edge of the rim and allows for greater impact resistance. Optimized for 35-45mm high volume gravel tires, the G23 was built to maximize versatility, speed and efficiency when G23 paired with a 40mm tire.

The G23 wheelset features the 24 hole front and rear 2x lacing spoke configuration. Black, j-bend, stainless steel, lightly bladed spokes are used along with Enve's specific internal nipples. Available with other hub options, this set is laced with ENVE Alloy CenterLock Disc hubs. The G23's are set-up for thru-axle use, and the options are listed below.

Enve wheels have been embraced by gravel riders, and in turn the G-series wheels demonstrate Enve's commitment to gravel. Roads less traveled are rarely paved, but also have fewer vehicles, drivers using smartphones and get us all closer to a more adventure focused approach to cycling. We think the G23 700c Gravel Wheelset, with it's hookless bead and no compromises engineering, will be the favorite of serious gravel enthusiasts who want a performance wheel they can ride everyday.

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  • Hookless bead tubeless disc gravel wheelset that is fast, lightweight, durable
  • Not a beefed up road wheelset, nor a scaled down wheelset, but a gravel intended design for near efficiency of road, near durability-strength of XC MTB
  • 60% improvement in pinch flat resistance over other hookless rims
  • Ability to run lower tire pressure and improve traction and rolling resistance
  • More forgiving buffer between rim and rough surfaces
  • Rim spec: Internal width 23mm, External width 31.5m, Profile 25mm, 330g
  • Tire size range: 700x35mm - 700x45mm
  • Pressure range: Enve has detailed recommendations by rider weight/tire size
  • Lacing: 24h 2x/2x front and rear with j-bend bladed spokes, Enve nipples
  • Hubset: ENVE Alloy Centerlock Disc
  • Options: 15/100mm FT / 12/142mm RR, 12/100mm FT, 12/142mm RR
  • Finish: UD matte/ Grey logos
  • Weight: 1305 grams ( DT CL hubset FT 604g, RR 701)
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