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Mountain Stems

Enve designed their new mountain stems for extreme conditions and definitive cockpit control. The 31.8mm handlebar clamp diameter M6 carbon trail stem was developed to perfectly match the ride quality and performance of Enve's M5 and M6 31.8mm carbon trail bars. By crafting the M6 stem to highlight and fully exploit the virtues of carbon fiber, the engineers created a structure that is lightweight and responsive, yet absorbs vibrations and trail chatter that make their way from the axle through the fork steerer.

The M6 Stem is a gravity-rated, carbon-bodied mountain stem built for the aggressive riding practices and to complete the muscular look of today’s carbon Enduro and All-Mountain bikes. No one does carbon engineering for top level components better than Enve. Their carbon construction and manufacturing chops are proven, withstanding the most challenging road, mountain, cross and gravel riding accessible today. Available in four common Enduro-style lengths, the M6 Carbon Mountain Stem awaits your next trail adventure.

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  • Enve carbon mountain stem- trail ready for extreme terrain
  • Built with Enve's supreme carbon construction and engineering
  • Carbon stem with anodizedaluminum faceplace and titanium hardware
  • Torque Spec: Face Plate/Steerer clamp 5.5Nm
  • Steerer diameter: 1⅛"
  • Handlebar diameter: 31.8mm
  • Rise: +/- 6 degrees
  • Lengths: 35mm, 50mm, 55mm, 70mm, 85mm
  • Weight: 35mm/80g, 50mm (85g, 55mm/92g, 70mm/99g, 85mm/104g
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