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While many Enve enthusiasts would like to consider the SES 3.4C TL Disc Clincher Wheelset an ideal fast gravel or adventure wheelset, the reality is that Enve developed it as an aero climbing road bike disc wheelset. Yes, you can run tubeless, and yes it has a 21mm internal width, but this is a high performance road wheelset that will effectively carry 23-28mm road tires and has been optimized to ride characteristics and aerodynamics for 25mm tires. Opt for the Enve 3.4 or 4.5 AR options if you are looking for a true gravel wheelset. This generation of the disc brake SES 3.4 has been released with the goal of being the ultimate mountain climbing and descending wheels with all-around performance. With front and rear specific rim profiles, but matching internal and external rim widths for both front and rear wheels, the disc brake specific Road Tubeless Ready structure, and improved aerodynamics, this dynamic climbing and road race performance wheelset is an ideal partner for maximizing the capabilities of disc brakes and your overall cycling ability when the road goes up- and down.

The SES system was predicated on designing aerodynamic rims that matched the individual requirements of front and rear wheels. The front rim and tire are the leading edge into the wind, are more exposed in crosswinds, and must handle properly while attacking, cornering and descending. The rear wheel has different aerodynamic requirements, needing to manage substantial agitated air around the seattube and from pedaling action, then carry cleaner air back. This not only keeps flow smooth and reduce drag, but also harnesses it for a slight push forward as well. As the rear wheel is fixed in the rear triangle, cornering forces and crosswinds are less of an issue than for the front wheel. SES also takes into account various frame designs, attempting to find proper width and shape to work best with great range of tube shapes on the market.

Enve's carbon layup process, continual fiber concept, and molded openings (as opposed to drilling) has proven to deliver durable, lightweight aero carbon rims that can handle high spoke tension, is resilient to road and offroad impacts, and maintains integrity beyond most expectations in many emergency situations. The molding process also allows the engineers to deliver the fantastic 2nd generation textured brake track, which ensures predictable braking power and feel in wet, dry, cold, or hot conditions. Tubeless riders will find the rim system works extremely well, even at low pressures, and most current sealants provide the right level of protection and prevent drastic air reduction from impact. As the rims are optimized for 25mm tire widths, the combination of surefooted-ness, improved aerodynamics, reduced rolling resistance and improved ride quality is achievable.

Enve offers several hub options for the SES 3.4C TL Disc Clincher Wheelset. Enve's Alloy Road Disc Hubset hubs feature Perfect Preload which means no more hub slop, frustrating adjustments, or prematurely worn bearings. Stainless steel bearings and races keep corrosion at bay, while premium external seals prevent contamination. The optimized flange spacing and geometry for responsive and optimally stiff wheel builds that inspire confidence when accelerating and cornering. The tool free interchangeable freehub body is machined from 7075 alloy and hard anodized to reduce cog bite. Additionally, the freehub body can be removed without tools and switching between Campy, Shimano, and SRAM options can be accomplished without re-dishing the wheel. Engagement is handled with a 40t ratchet-style drive system that delivers efficient and responsive power transmission in a highly reliable, virtually maintenance free package.optimized flange spacing and geometry for responsive and optimally stiff wheel builds that inspire confidence when accelerating and cornering. The free hub body is machined from 7075 alloy and hard anodized to reduce cog bite.

The hubs and rims are laced with black lightly bladed steel spokes and Enve proprietary brass nipples. Both wheels are 24 hole, laced 2x/2 with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. Enve equips this wheelset with 12/100mm front and 12/142mm thru-axle hubs. Freehub options are available for all major systems.

It is well known that high performance aerodynamic wheelsets can offer benefits while climbing and descending. With the lighter disc-specific rims and overall lighter weight versus the non-disc version of this wheelset, the disc version has less rotational weight and will be more responsive on those uphill attacks. As you adapt to the effectiveness of disc brakes, you will feel more confident while descending and while riding in all weather conditions. Finally, road tubeless has truly arrived with improved and varying tire options. We know you can control pressures better, especially at lower pressure with greater volume in 25-28mm tires. You can gain rolling efficiency, a smoother ride, and have a much lower risk of a flat tire from pinch or puncture than with any clincher or tubular tire. All of these benefits, plus the demonstrated overall quality and proven aerodynamics offered by Enve make the SES 3.4C TL Disc Clincher Wheelset a premium option climbers and descenders alike.

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  • Newly designed SES 3.4 Disc TL Clincher wheelset optimal for mountainous riding, in any weather, with proven aerodynamic benefits
  • Clincher design is also Road Tubeless compatible with included sealing rim tape and valve set-up
  • Re-conceived disc rim shapes and dimensions further the SES concept for specific needs and requirements of the user and front and rear wheel differences
  • Exceptional carbon construction with continual layup, no drill/molded process
  • Disc specific rim dimensions/specification:
    • Front: Depth 38mm, External Width 27.5mm, Internal Width 21mm, Weight 390g
    • Rear: Depth 42mm, External Width 27.5mm, Internal Width 21mm, Weight 397g
    • Optimized Tire Size: 700x25mm, Range: 23-28mm
  • Ratchet Drive system, tool free service, precision construction, Swiss bearings
  • Both wheel have 24 spokes, laced 2x/2x drive/non-drive
  • Spokes/Nipples: Lightly bladed black stainless steel Sapim CX-Ray, proprietary brass Enve nipples
  • Enve Alloy Disc hubset: 40t ratchet style drive system, easily serviced
  • Center Lock disc rotor interface (can be adapted to use 6-bolt rotors)
  • Includes: Tubeless kit, 34mm valve extenders, accessory bag, manual
  • Freehub: Shimano 11 speed, SRAM XDR
  • Color: Black on Carbon
  • Wheelset Weight: 1420 grams, (645g FT, 775g RR)
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