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The Adjustable Pliers Wrench is a versatile tool designed for various tasks on bicycles. Its slip-lock jaws with parallel clamping can accommodate nuts up to 1-1/4 inches (35mm) quickly and securely. Unlike traditional box-end wrenches, the user's grip clamp force helps prevent the tool from slipping off and rounding the edges of wrench flats. Its adjustable size eliminates the need for a full set of box-end wrenches, offering convenience and efficiency. Compact in size, it's suitable for precision work in tight spaces and is a valuable addition to both professional-grade portable kits and DIY home workshops.

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  • Compact 7in (180mm) forged steel body with double dipped, rubber textured grip
  • 2-Sided laser etched metric scale helps demarcate clamp opening and determine fastener size.
  • Functional jaw opening range of 0-1.25in (0-35mm) covers the majority of bicycle hardware.
  • Replaces an entire set of Metric and SAE wrenches and sockets up to 1-1/4in (35mm) - saving space in travel and home kits
  • Spring-loaded push button allows fast, slip lock adjustment of jaw opening.
  • Smooth surface, non-marring jaws prevent damage to surfaces.
  • Durable, 45 HRC jaw hardness for a long service life.
  • Ideal hand tool to complete professional grade portable kits and DIY home workshops alike.
  • Effective in use on fork top caps, brake bleed ports, axle nuts, pedals, and more.
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