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It is not just the most weight conscious equipment geeks that have scales for their bike equipment. The Feedback Sports Alpine hanging scale has been a best seller for Excel Sports for years. Cyclists, mountaineers, trail runners- you name it, anyone can find a use for hanging scale. The Alpine is great for many reasons, but you can hang it from it's nylon loop or, for greater consistency and stability just clamp the shaft into your work stand! This precision scale measures in 10g increments and is incredibly and consistently effective from 10 grams to 25kg, or 55lbs.

There are countless reasons for weighing your bike or equipment, so we won't go into them here. The simple details matter and a durable vinyl coating on the hook will protect your equipment during weigh-in. The buttons are clear and easy to use- on/off, zero, and mode (lbs, kg). Fun and simple, accurate and durable, the Feedback Alpine Digital Scale can be found in shops and garages all over. Why not yours?

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  • Convenient scale for weighing gear-use from a hook or mount in a work stand
  • Large LCD display with auto shut off
  • 10 gram / .02 lb display resolution
  • Accurate to within .0005 x actual weight
  • Zero/tare function
  • Read weight in lbs or kg
  • Rugged shock-resistant housing
  • Vinyl coated hook to to protect your equipment
  • Four AAA batteries included
  • Weight: 1.25lbs
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