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With cable and housing cutters there are generally two paths for bike tool buyers to take: practical daily use tool that was designed for bike work and is cost effective for an item that does wear with constant use, or the serious pro wire cable cutter that cuts cables well, but doesn't always work well for housing and can be pretty expensive and still not easily sharpened or maintained for precision use. While Feedback Sports developed their tool line-up for Pro, shop and home mechanics, all of whom require clean, precise cuts, the company opted for a less expensive option that holds up well and has a cutting profile that really does work properly for cables and housing. By using quality forged steel and a precision ground, circle-cutting design, the designers built a tool that has the proper mechanical properties and cutting surfaces for cutting housing cleanly, as well as leaving crisp ends when cutting steel cables.

Feedback Sports creates tools that serve the day to day needs of all mechanics, yet were driven, informed and tested by Pro team and shop mechanics. As such, the materials, shapes and functionality have all been subject to heavy use by tech that use tools for a living. The Cable Cutters have a solid feel, and firm rubber coated handles that ensure grip, comfort and transfer force. The file-tread rubber section provides additional non-slip friction, which is handy in an environment where grease and lubricants are continually present. Small details are appreciated, as with the crimper, which compresses your cable ends caps securely with moderate hand pressure. The crimper zone also houses a small locking clip that holds your cutters closed during travel or when in storage, which protects the cutting edges.

At 9" long and just under 3" wide (when laid flat), the Feedback Sports Cable Cutter packs away easily, and can sit in tool drawer with an inch of vertical clearance. It cleanly and efficiently cuts cables and housing, is easy to hold and use, and crimps end caps- for under $30. You get a great tool you rely on every day, from company you trust and respect at a solid value. Sold.

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  • Forged steel cable and housing cutter with end-cap crimper
  • Ground, circle-style cutting blades on single pivot cleanly cut housing, won't crush
  • Steel brake and derailleur cables are cut with a clean, non-fraying end
  • Handles feature near-full length firm rubber grips with a file tread section for extra grip
  • Tool head also has closing-style end-cap crimper
  • Small latch below crimper holds tool closed when traveling or in storage
  • Feels secure and nimble in hand, with ideal leverage
  • Length: 9"
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Feedback Sports
  • Color: Black/Red
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