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Salty old shop techs will argue the value of new school cassette pliers versus the unmatched excellence of their greasy old 1/8" pitch chainwhip they use for every cassette removal regardless of the actual requirements. Kidding, mostly. Chainwhips work very well, though they can be a little slower to manage and once you have had one slip off, you take even more time to make sure the chain is seated properly. Cassette pliers make sense, are fast and easy to use, and work great. Among the many solid options, we have strong positive vibes for the Feedback Sports Cassette Plier. Made from forged steel, and equipped with attached chain links that work with 3/32" pitch chains from single speed to Eagle 12, these cassette pliers firmly hold the cassette so you loosen the lockring. Quick, sure, and easy, just the way shop and pro team mechanics like it. Surely that is good enough for home mechanics as well. Save the 1/8" chainwhip for your track tool roll and move into the 21st century with Feedback Sports.

This self-adjusting cassette wrench has a mini-style channel locking system and control arm to help you get the proper fit on your selected cassette cog. This allows the handles to close to the proper distance for to leave the handles in parallel position so you can properly apply force and hold the cassette firmly. The handles themselves have firm rubber grips that have a good feel and won't beat up your hands with regular use. Both grips feature a 360° zone in which the rubber is finished with a file tread for true no-slip grip, even when grease or lube is present, or if your hands are wet and muddy in the cross pit. This smart, yet simple and highly effective design is a pleasure to use, packs fairly flat for travel use, and at 12" long is perfectly sized for leverage and storage.

Shop mechanics and bike buildes who seemingly remove and install cassettes all day long will love this tool for its durable, effective, everyday practicality. Pro team and travel/support techs will love it for its simplicity, quick application, and sure-handedness, as well as it's packability. Home mechanics will love it because it is easy, takes the guess work away, and simply makes sense (it really is just a big plier). So no one has an excuse. Feedback Sports has built a pro quality Cassette Plier for all of you. Enjoy!

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  • Easy to use, pro-level cassette plier for securing cassettes during lockring removal
  • Compatible with all 3/32" pitch cassette sizes, from 1-12 speed drivetrains
  • Simple plier action with self-adjusting, levering mechanism keeps handled parallel
  • Forged steel construction is durable, resistant to torsion, feels great in hand, 1lb
  • Firm rubber handle coverings protect hands, feature file tread zones for sure grip
  • Tool is 12" long, 4"wide (laid flat), less than 1" thick
  • Two fastened 3/32" pitch chain lengths riveted into place
  • Perfect for Pro, travel, shop or home use
  • Makes for quick, precise work with minimal effort
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Feedback Sports
  • Color: Steel/Black/Red
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