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If you are thinking this Feedback Sports Chain Keeper looks familiar, you are correct. Feedback now owns the rights to Butter's awesome chain keeper design, and both Feedback and Butter are producing their own versions. The anodized red Feedback Sports model stands out on its own, and works with both quick release and 12mm thru-axle dropouts. The design features an expanding end design for 12mm thru-axles that imitates many expansion plugs usef for carbon fiber steerer tubes. The standard QR fitment has its own end cap that slots into the drop out to prevent spin. Both are reliable and easy to use with the main aluminum cylinder providing the dial tension you need to secure the keeper in the dropout .

The aluminum work is all CNC machined for a striking effect and wholly practical application. In-cuts provide grip for handling and using, and add to the overall aesthetic. A Delrin wheel spins freely and becomes the chain guide when you mount the keeper into the drop out. To use, you simply set-up the Chain Keeper for the dropout type you have (QR or 12mm. Now remove your rear wheel. From inside the rear triangle feed the keeper under the chain and set the chain in the Delrin roller. Now position the end into the drop out, tighten by hand. Your chain is now supported, holding the rear derailleur in tension. This makes it easier to clean your chain, and is also quite helpful when transporting your bike without wheels. Here at Excel Sports, we actually really appreciate chain keepers and have been a Butter dealer since release. We warmly welcome this Feedback Sports Chain Keeper into the shop as well.

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  • Simple, well executed chain keeper device for chain cleaning, bike transport
  • Made with anodized CNC machined aluminum, featuring in-cuts for handling/ use
  • Dial tension easily with large aluminum disc
  • Delrin roller holds Road/Cross/ MTB chains from 8-12 speed
  • Two end fitments- one for standard QR dropout, one for 12mm thru-axle
  • 12mm fitment has expanding wedge-type system
  • Color: Anodized red
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