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With many of today's pedals and crank arms featuring 8mm hex bolts that frequently require high torque removal and installation, a dedicated hex key tool is ideal. Palm-grip, high leverage L-handle hex wrenches have become popular with mechanics who require leverage, power stability and speed to perform their daily responsibilities. Feedback Sports is offering simple, but highly useful and well made tools for everyday use by Pro teams, as well as shop and home mechanics. The 8mm L-Handle is made from S2 tool steel that has been finished for durability and corrosion resistance. Tool aficionados will recognize S2 steel by it's overall strength and hardness, as it never fails and holds precision tool edges over many years of use.

The L-Handle features the extended flat 8mm hex interface, as well as a ball driver interface at the end, of the handle, beyond the grip. This ball driver makes for quick threading and unthreading until or after the torque needs to be applied. The substantial palm grip provided by Feedback is a firm rubber structure, ergonomically shaped to protect the palm under grip pressure and provide power when creating torque. There is substantial 360° file tread surface that ensures grip, even when grease or lube is present of it hands are sweaty or wet. The 8mm size is commonly required these days for crank arm fixing bolts and sleek pedal axles with internal hex access from the end of the axle itself.

The tool size is clearly stamped in the tool extension before the handle for quick and easy identification. Feel the quality and enjoy the control with superior tool steel and excellent machining and design from Feedback Sports. Return to Top


  • 8mm L-handle tool with substantial palm grip for leverage, control, and power
  • Longer than standard L-end with flat cut 8mm hex for high torque applications
  • Handle end has 8mm hex ball driver for fast threading and unthreading
  • Made with S2 tool steel, noted for its strength and hardness, ability to hold tool edge
  • Ergonomically shaped firm rubber palm grip is sizeable, features file tread pattern
  • Optimal for crank and pedal use when 8mm hex key is called for
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Feedback Sports
  • Color: Black/Red
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