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The trusty old pedal wrench is still one of the most used tools in any bike shop setting, and is mandatory for benefit event service tents. And while there are many top-end pedals that only accept hex key wrenches through the back of the axle, Speedplay, among others manufacturers, still offer models and styles that require a thin profile, high leverage wrench with 15mm flats to efficiently remove and install pedals. Feedback Sports aims to serve all techs, from Pro team wizards through home mechanic types that run through YouTube before attempting bike work. That means their tools must serve the needs and requirements of all, and be durable at the same time. Versatility and combining tools to cut down on the sheer number of individual tools required to get the job done is also important. The Feedback Sports 15mm Pedal Wrench / 15mm axle nut tool is a combination unit with the pedal tool on one end, and the axle nut tool on the other. The foot long steel unit weighs 3/4 of a pound and is designed for daily use by mechanics everywhere.

The weight, shape and feel of a leverage tool is crucial to the comfort level of the mechanic and the performance of the pair. The forged steel tool has a clean, slightly tapered shaft that allows the user to control the wrench from any position. The edges are rounded and the overall thickness of the handle is comfortable in the hand, even when you need to exert more force to free-up frozen pedal threads. The pedal wrench end is angled, with two offset 15mm slots that are clean and precise for a proper fit. The steel is hard and the nickel-plated finish strong and durable. 15mm is just 1/32" larger than 9/16" so you can trust the tool with both pedal flat sizes and not worry about damaging the pedal or the tool. The narrow head zone fits cleanly between the pedal and the crankarm, and there are no sharp edges that may mar the crankarm. Yes. you still need to be cautious, as many of today's crank arms are carbon or lightweight aluminum. The angled slots create alternative leverage positions that you can use to best suit removal and installation. The tool won't flex or try to twist when firmly grasp, and the weight feels just right, as if the tool was actually a longer lever.

The secondary axle nut wrench at the other end receives the same treatment. Many hubs use axle end nuts that are 15mm, so you will have plenty of opportunity to use it. The 12-point closed receiver has been widened from the handle to ensure you get clean, stable purchase on the nut you are working on. Track bike riders who prefer 15mm axle nuts will love the easy leverage and power of this tool and the fact that the precise surfaces of the tool face won't mar or damage steel or alloy track nuts. This dual-purpose tool represents Feedback's commitment to reducing overall tools. At less than 1/2" thick, it packs flat in a tool wrap or soft case, and save space, if not weight. For shop use, there is a centered hole below the pedal interface that is intended for hanging storage. No need to hang the tool the axle nut wrench. You will want to use this combo tool day in and day out, and it is designed and built to withstand the abuse.

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  • 15mm pedal wrench / 15 axle nut dual purpose tool for top level use by all mechanics
  • Forged steel, with cleanly machined tool surfaces for precise tool interfacing
  • Nickle-plate finish is strong and durable, resists corrosion, daily shop use
  • Ideal for a travel kit or work bench, fairly flat, 10.5" long overall, 2 tools in 1
  • Angled, off set pedal wrench works with 9/16 and 15mm pedal flat interfaces
  • Widened 15mm closed axle nut wrench with 12-point internal surface
  • Weight and feel of tool ensures excellent control, confident power and leverage
  • Center hole below pedal wrench for safe hanging at work bench
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Feedback Sports
  • Color: Nickel-plated finish
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