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Tools & Maintenance Work Stands

The Pro Elite Work Stand from Feedback Sports is the best portable work stand for high volume use of any product on the market. Yes, that includes the Feedback Sports Classic. But notice we stated high volume. Essentially from the ground up the Pro Elite and the Classic are identical. The difference is the clamping head. The heavy duty, quick release design of the Pro Elite is fast and simple, with exceptional action and durability. When you are constantly loading and unloading bikes to and from your stand, no other clamping system works as well. In fact, Feedback Sports sells the head unit as an upgrade item that works with many of the pro stationary stands you see in shops today. The clamp itself opens to 2.6 inches, over a half inch more than other Feedback work stands. The spring loaded clamping system is ideal for carbon frames, integrated seatposts, and delicate air-foil shapes found on many road and tt/tri bikes today. Yes, you must still be careful, but the dial adjustment allows you take up the pressure lightly. The quick-release button responds instantly, so make sure you have a hold on the bike when you are removing it from the clamp. When you feel the weight and spring of the actuation, you will know that this clamp is shop grade, and then some.

The signature red anodized 6000 series aluminum is found throughout the professional series products. The extruded aluminum is shaped for incredible strength to weight and is resilient to impact. The anodized finish resists scratching. The clamps are simple, cam-style units that can be managed with one hand, and tighten securely when closed. Overall functionality is superb, and simple. How stable is the tripod base? With a 54 inch max spread, and capable of coping with uneven ground, it is exceptionally stable. Durable rubber feet protect the legs ends and floor surfaces. The aluminum tubes support an amazing 85lbs of weight at effective working heights from 42 to 71 inches from the ground. Balance tip: always position your clamping unit so that the center of the bike's weight is over a fully extended leg.

When clamped the structural and and finish integrity of your bike or post is fully protected. The six sided, extruded aluminum jaws of the clamp are covered with urethane for a soft interface. Tip- regularly wipe down the clamp surface to remove and grease or dirt. It is hard to overstate the value and effectiveness of the Pro Elite clamp. The team mechanics of several continental and UCI outifts, including Tinkoff-Saxo run the Pro Elite clamp and stand due to the extreme use those techs put their equipment through. Once you use it, it is hard to go back to a slower, less exceptional design.

So what is the best stand for you? Your needs and budget will drive your decision, but if you want the best performing, most flexible and functional work stand available today, buy the Pro Elite. You will never be disappointed. Feedback Sports delivers this superior product that works great, and isn't out of place in the team truck, the garage, yard, or living room. The outstanding design won't rust, and stands out in a crowd. The head unit is serviceable, but may never require it. The Pro Elite Work Stand. Sometimes the name says it all.

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  • Pro Tour level, portable work stand with exceptional quick-release, sensitive use clamp
  • Height adjustable clamp from 42 to 71 inches
  • Easy to open, set-up, and adjust
  • Extruded 6000 series aluminum construction, with anodized red finish
  • 20% Glass-filled Polycarbonate composite tripod fittings are incredibly strong/stiff
  • Conical head torque-amplifying clutch for fast and secure 360-degree bike positioning
  • Pro Elite head unit with sensitive adjustment, even clamping force, quick release
  • Urethane covered, extruded aluminum, 3.25 inch clamp jaws
  • Opposing force 6-point V-Block contact jaw design securely and safely grips tubing
  • Clamp range: .75 – 2.6 inches
  • Base diameter: 54 inches at full open
  • Folded size: 5.5x8x46 inches
  • Load capacity: 85lbs
  • Weight: 12.6 lbs

Please note: Padded storage/transport bag sold separately.

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