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Tools & Maintenance Disc Brake Tools

Feedback Sports Rotor Truing Fork

Truing disc rotors is nobody's idea of a good time, and yet sometimes it simply has to be done. If only to keep your ride-mates from losing their minds or to save your disc brake pads. Feedback Sports didn't reinvent the wheel with their Rotor Truing Fork, but they did add some style and subtle enhancements that make the tool easier on the hand, and the job slightly more pleasant.

First, the basics. Take a flat bar of steel, cut a short slot on the short dimension, then cut a long slot on the long dimension. Smart design says these slots should be angled away from the spokes for easier access and optimal use. If you have done this, you have a perfectly feasible rotor truing tool. Again, no reinvention here, but Feedback did refine the concept. First, they used forged steel for strength, hardness and a nice weight in the hand. Then they precisely cut the angled slots, rounded over the edges of the steel bar and nickel-plated the whole thing. Now you have a tool that feels substantial, is stiff, won't corrode and has tool edges that will hold up to regular use. The bar itself is wide enough so you get solid purchase on the rotor, and the combination of long and short angled slots allow you to work the rotor properly.

In our shop, when we true disc rotors, our techs generally prefer to use two tools at once, for greater stability and to prevent adding a new bend to the rotor. (this happens all too often, which is why many riders have a small bin of warped rotors under their bench). While this is optimal, at the trailhead, you might not be so meticulous. So, one or two, your choice, but if you have a rotor in need, we highly recommend the Feedback Sports Rotor Truing Fork. At face value, it might not seem much better than anything else, but it feels better in the hand at a 1/2 lb (which may well improve your technique), with a thicker than normal contact patch, and by far looks the best of all the options we have seen.


  • Dual-slot disc rotor truing fork
  • Slots are angled away from spokes for clear, easy access to the rotor
  • One short slot, one long slot for more precise and protective truing
  • Made from a bar of forged steel, which is machined, with edges rounded
  • Nickel-plated for excellent finish and protection, won't corrode
  • We highly recommend using two truing forks together for optimal results
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty from Feedback Sports
  • Weight: .5 lb>