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Feedback Sports Scorpion Bicycle Floor Stand

Simple is good. The Scorpion Bicycle Floor Stand from Feedback Sports is a lightweight (5 lbs) stand that works with bikes that feature cranksets with open ended, full length hollow crankarms. Designed with mountain bikes in mind, but usable with cyclocross or road bikes with an open hollow crank/bottom bracket system, the Scorpion will allow the bike to rotate to the front wheel weight and raise the rear off the ground, resting on the extension that is inserted into the crankset. This allows you to have a truly portable, stable, minimal footprint bike stand which can double as a simple work stand for light maintenance, such as outdoor bike washing, chain cleaning or simple derailleur adjustments.

Made from steel tubing in 2-pieces, with a flat surface oriented base structure, and what resembles a C-shaped scorpion tail in attack mode. The extension of the slightly up angle "tail" has a small diameter spindle. Due to the various size hollow axle designs, Feedback supplies three 5" long plastic sleeve bushings (12.7mm, 17.7mm, 19.7mm outside diameter). On the spindle, you install the sleeve that best fits your crankset. A washer and cotter pin holds the sleeve in place. The sleeve bushings create the best fit, and protect the inside of your crankset's hollow axle. The Scorpion Bicycle Floor Stand can safely support up to 50lbs, making it ideal for bikes that are tricky to stand or support, like full suspension mountain bikes, including DH models, with wheels up to 29". The design allows for low profile flat storage


  • Steel, compact floor stand that supports bike through hollow crank spindle
  • Lightweight curved steel tubing provides footprint and mount; 2-piece design can be stored flat
  • Hollow crank spindle must be open on one end, and full length
  • Ideal for event use on flat surfaces, or basic minimal footprint storage
  • Can be used through drive or non-drive side, but drive side will limit capability of light maintenance use options
  • Bike will rest on front wheel, with rear wheel elevated
  • Not compatible with Shimano Hollowtech II Road (non-drive pre-load cap),Campagnolo UT (central Hirth coupling hidden bolt)
  • Powdercoat finish in color options
  • Includes (3) 5" plastic sleeve bushings to best match your hollow axle
  • Bushing sleeve sizes: 12.7mm, 17.7mm, 19.7mm Outside Diameter
  • Cotter pin and washer hold selected bushing sleeve in place
  • Max weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20" x 16" x 16"
  • Colors: Red, Black, Turquoise
  • Weight: 5 lbs