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Tools & Maintenance Wheel Tools

Feedback Sports Spoke Wrench

Feedback Sports tool line-up has been well received by bike mechanics of all levels: Pro, shop, and home, for the smart, effective designs, high quality materials and construction, and overall durability. Many fo these great tools have multiple purposes without compromises. The simple, but sweet spoke tool works with three common nipple sizes, and is also set-up so you can use it to secure a valve extender. Why carry or store four small tools when you can carry one that gets the job done?

Machined from forged steel and finished with high quality chrome for durability, this squarish spoke tool feels great in the hand and makes it easy to get the leverage you need to crack free a frozen spoke nipple. Designed with cleanly machined slots for 3.23mm (0.127”), 3.3mm (0.130”), and 3.45mm (0.136”) nipple sizes, this is a great tool for pro, travel, and home mechanics. Shop techs may love the simplicity and durability, but are more likely to keep on in their personal tool roll, or in the saddle bag than use every day. In no way is that a knock on the Feedback Sports Spoke Wrench, but wheel builders and every day mechanics have to protect their hands and wrists, and generally opt for specialty tools. Think about how your hand gets tight and fatigued from a serious truing job, then multiply that by 5-12 and factor in that the men and women who work on bikes and wheels for a living use their hands for various hand tasks all day long. All that said, in no way will it surprise us to see this able spoke wrench used in shops. It will get the job done properly, and hold up for long years of use.


  • Versatile 3-size spoke nipple wrench with added bonus of fitting valve extenders
  • Machined slots for 3.23mm (0.127”), 3.3mm (0.130”), 3.45mm (0.136”) nipple sizes
  • Chrome plated tool steel is strong, hard wearing, and resists corrosion
  • Slightly rounded edges comfortable on the hands, shape reduces risk of slipping
  • Tool/nipple interfaces will hold up to every day use
  • Perfect for travel kits, bench tops, saddle bags, and hydration packs
  • Weighs just 1.6 oz
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Feedback Sports