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We can just hear the whining now. "More tire levers? How many tire lever designs do we need?" We aren't sure how relevant that question is. Different riders prefer or require different tools, even tire levers. We are thankful that Feedback Sports, in designing their stunning tool line, took the time to develop a fantastic set of tire levers that have great functionality as levers, but also serve to meet the needs of cyclists who ride tubeless tires and disc brakes as well. Allow us to explain.

The Feedback Tire Levers are sold as a pair. The pair nest together for compact storage. Nothing new so far, right? Okay these levers have steel cores covered in a blended polymer that is both slick and durable. The cores are have been sculpted to keep the weight down, yet provide tremendous strength, even under the high tension of a stiff, tight, tubeless tire or standard clincher. The entry curve and scoop are perfectly executed and work great on standard clincher hook and bead systems, as well short bead rim systems. If you ride tubeless wheels, particularly with Stan's NoTubes rims, you know exactly what we are talking about. Simple, but informed design.

Each lever has an inline spoke hook so you can safely use two levers at a time when necessary. A new, very useful, addition sits at the opposite end of the tire scoop. Disc brakes are pretty much universal in mountain biking now, your Fat Chance aside, but are becoming popular for commuters, gravel riders, cyclocross and straight-up road use. As such, Feedback added a simple, but hugely effective disc pad spreader to the end of each lever. Think about it. You flat, dismount, pull your wheel off, and somehow, at some point when you are taking care of the flat fix, you manage to bump the brake lever of the exposed disc caliper. You don't need to use your house keys or force a standard tire lever in between the pads to open them up, depressing the caliper pistons. Just use the perfect width, straight polymer end tool to spread the pads without damaging or scoring your disc pads. Smart. Very Smart.

Once you use a set of these levers, you'll find it hard to go back to any others. The innovators at Feedback Sports has improved on the common brake lever, making it stronger, more useful and more effective. And those results are always worth the effort.

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  • Pair of steel core, polymer coated tire levers with great functionality and innovation
  • Steel core is sculpted to save weight, yet plenty stiff enough for stubborn tires
  • Tire scoop shape and angles perfect for tubeless and standard clincher tires
  • Each lever has an integrated spoke clip for safe two lever use when necessary
  • Opposite end of tool has disc brake spreader, won't damage brake pads
  • Pair of levers nest together for convenient storage
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Feedback Sports
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Weight: 91 grams
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