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Ever tried to add sealant to tubeless wheels in the cross pit with cold, wet, muddy hands? If so, you have no doubt cursed those who make valve core removers that are slick and small. For a shop a or pro mechanic the other joy is finding one when you need one. Feedback Sports has built a valve tool that you all can appreciate, in large part because so many pro and shop mechanics had a hand in developing it. This handy tool is about the size of your thumb, has a firm rubber handle with a file tread surface, and has contrasting black and red colors. So: it is easy to manage, easy to find, and won't slip out your hand. Great, but that isn't the end of the story. The Feedback Sports Valve Core Wrench has two ends, each with a single interface. One specifically for Schrader valves, and the other for Presta valves. Still with us? The Presta valve end has a recessed tool. You slip it on and unscrew the removable core, as you remove the tool the core comes with it! We knew you'd like it.

What else can we say? The tool features a metal core throughout, so it has a decent weight that improves feel and control. It is made by Feedback Sports, a class leader in premium portable workstands and innovative bike storage solutions. The Colorado company has collaborated with their Pro cycling partners to develop a worthy, effective, and practical line of every day bike tools that make bike service on the bus, in the shop, and home in the garage easier and more efficient. From where we sit, this Valve Core Wrench is a perfect example of the level of detail and commitment Feedback has pursued in building their tool line, and we expect you'll agree.

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  • Substantial, but not large, valve core tool for Presta or Schrader valve cores
  • Remove and install valve cores with ease, ideal for sealant, extender users
  • Metal core covered by firm rubber handle with file tread surface for all-weather grip
  • Black and red color, about the size of you thumb = easy to find
  • Schrader valve remover extends from handle
  • Presta valve interface at opposite end is recessed
  • When you remove a Presta valve core, the tool grasps the core
  • Perfect for mechanics of all levels in any setting
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Feedback Sports
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