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A bike rack is not always a bike rack. Feedback Sports designs products that maximize material properties, redefine categories, and adhere to a simple, clean design aesthetic. The Velo Cache is a freestanding 2 bike vertical bike storage solution. Simple, right? Yes, in some ways. Yet simple bike storage can be difficult to manage or adjust. It may not offer flexibility, or simply mar floors or ceilings. Most bike stands on the market just never look at home, just out of place. Not this solution. While it can be used in a house or garage, you are more likely to see the Velo Cache in condos and apartments.This unit can be a showpiece, or disappear into the background. Need room for entertaining? Wheel the bikes into an unused room, then carry the stand away as well.

The Velo Cache features an offset tripodal base. This allows you move it closer to the wall while being inherently stable. At just 22.5lbs, this storage solution is strong and heavy enough to hold 2 bikes with up to 80lbs of combined weight, but easy to move when not loaded. The triangular center column is made with anodized aluminum, which equates to both light weight and torsional stiffness.The steel base features adjustable feet with a durable rubber bottom. The footprint of the base is a mere 23 x 32.5 inches. The design itself is geometric, but somehow more subtle, with the anodized finish ensuring a durable, scratch free look over the life of the Velo Cache.

The so-called business end of the stand is the two sets of ten inch long arms with support cradles that support the bikes. Each arm's height can be easily adjusted independently, to allow you to create the best angle or position for your frame design. Even the most challenging of bike geometry, cable routing, etc., can usually be accommodated. Ride your mountain bike with 740mm wide bars? Just leave enough space between the wall and stand to create room. The V-shaped rubber cradles are durable, prevent slip, and won't mark or damage your frame. The steel arms are cut and shaped for strength and stiffness, with each pair supporting 40lbs. The overall height of the Velo Cache is 83 inches, or just under 7 feet tall, with arm adjustment allowed just short of that height. Assembly and adjustment is simple, even when using trial and error to mount your bike.

Overall, we feel the Feedback Sports Velo Cache is the most flexible, stable and portable stand of it's kind. The design is simple, yet highly effective. If you are in the market for an attractive, fully functional support for two bikes, the search is over.

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  • High quality, free-standing two bicycle storage solution with small base footprint
  • Stable three-leg base holds up to 80 lbs
  • Anodized aluminum column with heavy duty steel arms
  • Cradle arms can be independently height adjusted to hold all types and sizes of bikes
  • Soft rubber cradles protect the frame’s finish
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Base footprint: 23 x 32.5 inches
  • Height: 83 inches
  • Load capacity: 80 lbs, 40 lbs per cradle set
  • Color: Black
  • Weight 22.5 lbs
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