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If you have a Feedback Sports Velo Hinge but wish the hinge hook was longer/wider to accommodate larger tires and/or deeper section rims, you can easily replace the standard length Hinge Hook with this Long Hook. You will go from a max width of 2.4" and max tire/rim depth of 2.9" to 3" width and max tire/rim depth of 3.9".

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  • Longer version of the Velo Hinge's hook, to accommodate larger tire sizes
  • Replaces standard Velo Hinge hook- can be mounted for either left or right swing, like standard
  • Durable powder coated steel
  • Protective Coating
  • Load capacity: 50 lbs (23 kg)
  • Standard Hook offers: 2.4" max tire width, 2.9" max tire/rim depth
  • Long Hook offers: 3" max tire width, 3.9" max tire/rim depth
  • FBS # 16858
  • Color: Black
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