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There are plenty of ways to hang a bike. Some are simple, and some way too complicated. We like simple, and depending on your needs, space, and preferences, you should consider the Feedback Sports Velo Wall Post. This unit is a compact, well-made storage device capable of holding a bike and two wheels. It mounts directly to a wall or solid surface via two holes in the frame. The arm swings down to provide a simple, but well designed, bike rack. The arm can be folded up when not in use. This is a quick, grab and go type device, and should not be mounted in a high traffic area. The mounted items can move easily. And yet, we really love it!

While some folks may mount a Velo Wall Post in a house or apartment, it is far more likely to be mounted in a garage or shed. The steel bracket/wall mount is powder coated for durability and protection, and the extruded arm is aluminum, with rubber guards to protect your equipment. We have even seen these units mounted outside, on fence posts or walls for use as quick and easy bike wash station. You can slide a pair of spare wheels on the arm, then hang your bike from the saddle- or if you mount it high enough, from your front or back wheel. The bike will slide easily on and off, but a rubber end cap prevents accidents. The end of the arm sits 18 1/2 inches from the wall, so when you hang your bike, you can keep your bars off the wall surface. An integrated cable port allows you to secure your bike to the unit.

Like we said, it is simple. Here are a few key notes. Make sure you mount the unit into wall studs or using appropriate hardware. The unit itself is rated for 50lbs, but hardware such as anchors, togglers and bolts should be rated for 350lbs minimum. If you are concerned about marring your walls, we recommend you mount or place something that will protect the the surface. This is a great wall mounted unit for someone who uses their bike every day, perhaps multiple times a day. Easy on- easy off. Please keep your bike requirements and living situation in mind when you choose your rack. Again, we really like the Velo Wall Mount for it's clean, simple design and almost-too-obvious practicality. It makes perfect sense for many cyclists and is executed perfectly by Feedback Sports.

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  • Simple, easy to use wall mount , great for holding bikes and wheels
  • Top surface of arm is curved- no sharp edges, with rubber end stop
  • Soft inserts integrated in arm protect bike / wheel finish
  • Lock port allows for extra security- a cable or long hinge lock can be passed through
  • Can be folded up when not in use (18.5x4x3.25 inches)
  • Wall mount plate size: 7.25x2.5 inches
  • Effective usable arm length: 12 inches
  • Load capacity: 50lbs
  • No assembly required, but wall mount in appropriate surface, with proper hardware
  • Weight: 2.8lbs
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