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Tools & Maintenance Grease & Applicators

Anti-seize assembly compounds or lubricants are most frequently used for prepping titanium frames, in areas such as bottom brackets, head tubes, water bottle cage bosses,and all threaded fittings. This coppery lubricant prevents of metal-to-metal contact parts - especially those subject to extreme pressures and moist conditions. It is frequently referred to as "ti-prep" but is equally effective for aluminum, magnesium and carbon steel, especially when any of those materials are mated with titanium.

The viscous copper-zinc oxide mix prevents galvanic corrosion and can be used on any metal to metal interface instead of grease. One rationale for that is that Anti-Seize Lubricant will not break down. For cyclists who ride for years with minimal maintenance, this is a great solution. However, it also doesn't come off cleanly or easily, and is impossible to remove from clothing and gear. You should always wear gloves when applying or cleaning. If you ride titanium (frames, seatposts, pedal spindles, etc) with a metal bike or receiving threads, use Finish Line Anti-Seize Assembly Lubricant to prevent nasty chemical bonds. You may use it for other work as well, just remember to wear gloves and be smart about handling. Packaged here in three individual 6.5cc sachets, there is enough Anti-Seize even the most devoted titanium lover for several years. Go thin, will full coverage for the best protection.

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  • Anti-Seize lubricant ideal for titanium on metal applications, as well as other alloys
  • Copper-zinc oxide mixture goes on thin, but ensure full coverage of joined parts
  • Prevents cold-welding, galling, and seizing
  • Always handle and apply with gloves, be careful to avoid skin contact, get on clothing
  • Clean skin clothes or part with soap and water, use clean disposable towel
  • Sold here in three 6.5cc sachets per package
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