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Finish Line has been breaking new ground in bike lubricants and cleaning products for decades. The company has continually developed products that not only improve the function of your bike, but are eco-friendly and cost effective. With the development and proliferation of electronic drivetrains, Finish Line began researching the electronic equipment and requirements to develop a cleaning product that wouldn't harm any of the electronic or mechanical components, rubber fittings, and cables used in these systems. Enter E-Shift™ Cleaner, an aerosol spray cleaner that can remove grit, grime, and moisture from these sensitive components, and dries within 15 seconds with residue, so no need to rinse with water. The product works equally well on all drivetrain components: chain, cassette, derailleurs, and chainrings, so it can be your go-to cleaner for your electronic equipped drivetrain.

Use of the aerosol spray is simple and direct, though to clean a complete drivetrain you will be using the product liberally. We recommend using the product outside, or in a well-ventilated environment, and use paper, absorbing mats, or cardboard to catch spray and removed materials. You just spray the product on the components, from different directions. E-Shift™ Cleaner penetrates, breaks down, and removes lube, dirt, etc., with the pressure of the aerosol a means of impulsion. Finish Line believes this is the first product developed specifically for electronic drivetrains (though there are others that will also safely clean without harming).

The cleaner certainly works well, and will maintain the functionality of your electronic groupset without damage. It may not be an every day product for most riders, but will surely be common for major service and cleaning, and popular with race mechanics for road and mountain bike use. Where E-Shift™ Cleaner will really shine is in cyclocross pits, where a quick water spray to remove mud can be followed by a fast, comprehensive drivetrain cleaning and re-lube before the next lap hand-off. Kudos to Finish Line for identifying a real need, and meeting it with a standout product.

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  • Aerosol cleaner specifically to safely clean/preserve electronic shifting systems
  • Proprietary degreasing formula completely safe for rubber, plastic, motors, and servos
  • Won't damage carbon frames, clearcoat, paint, or interact with steel, titanium, aluminum or rubber
  • E-Shift™ quickly evaporates without leaving a residue, no rinsing required
  • Parts are left completely clean and dry in minutes after liberal usage
  • Will safely and thoroughly clean all drivetrain components
  • Readily biodegradable formula (degrades with 28 days when exposed to environment)
  • Formulated from organically derived components, non-toxic when used as directed
  • No carcinogenic or Hazardous Air Polluting ingredients
  • No CFC's, or ozone depleting propellants
  • Caution: extremely flammable, contains VOC's, use with caution in well ventilated area
  • ORM-D Hazardous Material- must ship via Ground shipping service (UPS Ground)
  • Size: 16oz Aerosol
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