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Fizik developed the Versus EVO concept for their race-level saddles in order to answer the call for a central relief channel that can ease pressure on soft tissue. The visually minimal shell has the padding and textured cover sections bonded via a vacuum pressurized system directly to the shell, leaving a central relief zone that runs the length of the saddle but widens gradually from the center to tail. In this case, the Versus EVO system was built into the Aliante OO design. The OO designation from Fizik identifies versions that have the most innovative and and high-tech saddles the company can offer. With a prolific application of the top carbon fiber technology and proven Fizik saddle models, the OO line stand out with their stealthy looks and incredible light weight.

The Aliante OO Versus EVO Saddle is truly the ultimate Aliante. The shell is a dual carbon fiber layer design that features the company's proven Wing-Flex system, which allows the shell to flex on the wings for comfort and support of the glutes through the pedaling motion. It is challenging enough to build a shell that offers bone structure support as well as flex and durability, let alone from pure carbon layers, but the engineers at Fizik have accomplished this. Perhaps even more impressive is the one piece Mobius carbon rail, which is a continuous shape that not only supports the shell it is bonded to, but mounts to saddle clamps that can safely carry the 7x9mm oval carbon tube. The textured, vacuum applied pad/cover sections are water resistant, durable and offer a little grip to allow desired fore-aft movement without sliding unintentionally.

The Aliante has a more classic curve shape that conforms to the body more than most current saddles. With two width options (140mm, 152mm) and 275mm long, it has dimensions that are fairly standard within the two fit options. At just 160-170 grams, the Aliante OO Versus EVO is favored by pro cyclists who enjoy it's shape and comfort for the long hard days that make up their life on the bike, like a relief channel and want the design at the lightest weight possible. Within Fizik's Spine Concept fit system, the Aliante meets their Bull standard, for riders who are naturally less flexible. Ride the premier edition of Fizik's venerable Aliante, with the Versus EVO relief channel opt for the impressive technology and material application of the Aliante OO Saddle.

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  • Premium version of the rounded, Aliante Versus EVO saddle design with carbon shell and rails
  • Minimalist shell construction with attached padding sections leaving a relief channel
  • 00 saddles conceived/designed as a no-compromise approach to the ultimate saddle
  • Continuous carbon fiber tubular Mobius rail supports/bonded to shell
  • Carbon rail clamping surface is oval- 7x9mm, wrapped for surface protection
  • Full Carbon double shell construction with Wing-Flex
  • Textured, vacuum applied pad/cover sections are water resistant, durable
  • Fizik Spine Concept: Bull
  • Length: 275mm
  • Widths: Regular 140mm, Large 152mm
  • Color: Black/Carbon
  • Weight: Regular 166 grams, Large 169 grams
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