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Road Saddles

The Fizik Aliante saddle has become the go-to choice for comfort loved by both pros and enthusiasts alike. Several technologies help to give the Aliante top marks in the all-important comfort mark and Fizik has added a wider version to best suit more cyclists. Comfort begins with a slightly wider 139mm (or 152mm) width and padding that is a touch softer and thicker than the typical full length (279mm) racing saddle. A Twin Flex Carbon Kevlar shell is light and supportive with a built in give provided by the carbon and Kevlar weave interior surrounded by a carbon frame. This design delivers a hammock-like effect that is extra gentle to the sensitive perineum area.

This latest version of the Aliante saves about 15 grams thanks to a sleeker profile. The formerly swallow-tailed back end of the saddle has been replaced by a rounded, smooth back. A thermowelded black gummy microtex cover helps keep you in place, wears well, and is weather and sweat protective. Fizik retains the ICS compatibility so you can install ICS compatible bags and rear blinky lights just by snapping them into a mounting point on the back of the saddle. ICS means a super clean look and no straps flapping round or wearing into your riding shorts.

The R1 version features 7x9mm carbon braided saddle rails that are strong, stiff and also vibration dampening. The braided carbon rails also save about 43 grams of the Kium railed version. By the way, most seatposts will work fine with a 7x9mm rail but some saddle clamps will require an adapter (like the Ritchey 1-bolt) and a very few will be not compatible.

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  • Road saddle with slightly more traditional shape and curve favored by riders who don't care for a flatter saddle platform
  • Reasonably lightweight for a full featured, more comfortable saddle design
  • Fizik Spine Concept: Bull
  • 7x9mm braided carbon rails
  • Scuff guards
  • Ergonomic dip platform
  • Carbon/Kevlar Twin Flex reinforced shell
  • Thermowelded black gummy microtex cover
  • ICS bag/light compatible
  • Length: 279 (both widths)
  • Options: Regular 139mm wide; Large 152mm wide
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 184 grams (actual- 139mm)
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