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Road Saddles

Thanks to the internet's vagaries, product names and titles, which can often be confusing- get jumbled even more. So let's break it down. The Vento line-up from Fizik indicates competition-level road/allroad, CX, and XC MTB equipment. The Argo saddle design is Fizik's short nose option, while the R3 designation tells you this version carries a carbon reinforced nylon shell and Fizik's Kium hollow rail system. Which goes a long way in telling you the design rationale and purpose of this saddle, but we'll go a bit deeper.

The short nose saddle concept has become very popular, and while similar in many respects, there are features and details that vary across manufacturers and models. The general realities reflect a design focus on an aggressive riding posture, either deep in the drops or low at the hoods, with a forward hip rotation. The length indicates that the rider is meant to be sitting back into the tail of the saddle with that hip rotation. This generally keeps the rider stable, with optimal pedaling position and efficiency. Whether seeking higher cadence or pure power, the back portion of the saddle is lifting the bone structure as the pelvis rotates, creating a cleaner path from the open hip to the pedal. Most short nose saddles feature a relief channel or full channel cut out, to eliminate pressure on the most sensitive soft tissue areas, reducing pressure on subsequent nerves and blood vessels. Fizik has their own variances with the Argo, but even down to the option of two widths, the design is similar conceptually to the most popular short nose saddle models.

Where the designers at Fizik found some desired differentiation may be visually obvious to you once you compare to other options. The Argo R3 Vento is a little longer than most of it's competitors, and maintains more of a curved shaped than most of the flatter short nose saddles. You will also see that the saddle should be leveled from the center point forward not from tail to nose. That creates a taller rear section that is meant to better accommodate the back half of the pelvis as it rotates, holding up the sitbone structure and distributing some pressure rearwards. The subsequent drop to the effectively lowered nose supports the pubic ramus bone structure when the pelvis rotates forward, increasing structural stability. That is the theory, yet like virtually everything saddle related, is totally dependent on the match of the saddle design and the body of the rider. We know there is major variation among humans, regardless of gender, physical body type, etc., but there are a number of aggressively-postured cyclists who have tried to embrace the short nose concept but have felt a little too "perched" or lacked forward stability. If that is you, this Fizik design may be the answer. Others may just like the shape and design and just love the ride without identifying a specific aspect. Such is the world of saddle preference.

The Argo R3 carries the signature R3 carbon reinforced nylon shell that provides the consistent and resilient structure that enable the saddle to maintain shape and support long-term, without the much more rigid full carbon option. The shell construction has been tuned to be more ride-compliant and offers just a hint of tuned-flex that you likely won't even notice, but will help keep you fresher over a long rider without compromising pedaling efficiency. The second R3 feature is the use of Fizik's hollow Kium alloy saddle rail system. It provides great support for the shell and also serves to reduce the road buzz that travels up from the tires while reducing the effect of minor impacts. With the Argo R3 Vento, Fizik has maintained it's competition focus with their Type1, low profile foam. While not thick, the properties of the foam itself create a reactive, springy level of cushion and support that also maintains the Argo's emphasis on pedaling efficiency and power transfer. A durable, water and weather resistant synthetic cover rounds out the construction.

Again, while saddle and bike fit are always imperative, a saddle like the Argo R3 Vento can expose a poor fit quickly. Almost every cyclist who has switched to a short nose model has spent weeks finding the proper set-up. It is not easy to translate basic measurements and find the right fit without guidance or the adjustment process. We highly recommend you invest a saddle fit from your local bike fitter if feasible to reduce the process and hopefully severely reduce possibility of injury. Remember, a more fixed position, with little opportunity to move while you ride can be more efficient, but it can also cause issues if you aren't set-up properly. If you have already done your research or tried other short nose models, you are likely aware of the challenges and the reasons why the Argo R3 Vento may just be the right option for you, but a professional saddle/bike fit is worth considering as part of your decision making process.

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  • Versatile short-nose saddle that encourages stability and relieves pressure on soft tissue area
  • Ergonomic central relief channel is positioned for optimal effectiveness
  • Short nose concept developed for for aggressive cycling position, competition aggressiveness
  • Keeps rider supported, stable for consistent pedaling efficiency with proper bike/saddle fit
  • Ride-compliant carbon reinforced nylon shell has a tuned effect, offers consistent support and power transfer with longevity
  • Type 1 foam used is low profile, reactive and springy for efficient power transfer, comfort
  • Durable synthetic cover, resistant to wear and elements
  • 7x7mm round Kium hollow rail with high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Argo R3 Vento stats
    • Length: 265mm
    • Widths: Regular 140mm, Large 150mm
    • Height at 75mm width: 45 mm
    • Length from nose to 75mm width: 114 mm
  • Select: Regular or Large
  • Color: Black
  • Weights: Regular 213g, Large 220g
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