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The Arione saddle concept from Fizik is a favorite of cyclists who take full advantage of the 299mm length with fore-aft movement while riding, and don't care for a saddle that has a fixed or semi-fixed seating position. Why buy the lightweight, and costly, Arione OO version? Besides the 140 gram average weight, vibration damping afforded by the carbon rails and shell, and cool look, investing in the Arione OO means that the saddle with maintain a very consistent platform and engineered WingFlex that lesser materials can't sustain over time. In other words it doesn't get softer with high miles and long hours.

Construction-wise, the full carbon double shell construction was built with the WingFlex system the Arione made famous. The side wings of the shell have engineered flex, something that some riders prefer for pedal power and a little pressure forgiveness. The 132mm width favors those with narrower sitbone placement, but there are body-types that normally favor a wider saddle that still prefer the fore-aft movement option with the Arione. The shell is held up by Fizik's hollow 7x9mm oval carbon rails, which have a Mobius design that are bonded to the carbon shell, offering exceptional strength and stiffness of the assembly. A thermowelded Black Microtex Cover is water resistant, durable, and has a center stripe that offers just a little friction so sliding purposely is partially controlled, but there are no real friction points on the top.

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  • Premium version of the long, flat Arione saddle design with carbon shell and rails
  • Very light given the longer size and durability
  • Arione concept favors riders who prefer a saddle without a specific seating position and like to move fore-aft
  • Even with carbon shell/rails, the shell is designed to flex at the sides, but won't fatigue like a nylon blend or mixed composite
  • Full Carbon double shell construction with WingFlex system
  • Thermowelded Black Microtex Cover is water resistant, durable
  • Mobius Carbon Braided 7x9mm rail system
  • Only install saddle in cradle systems that truly accept a oval 7x9mm rail size
  • Fizik Spine concept: Snake
  • Length: 200mm
  • Width: 132mm
  • Color: Black/Carbon
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Made in Italy
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